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I've have always had problems hitting my irons, I would always take a huge chunk of ground before striking the ball. I've gotten better at making contact but am having to put the ball real far forward in my stance, actually lined up with my left foot(right handed hitter). When doing this I hit the ball good. How can I correct this so I can hit the ball more center of my stance?
I went ahead and bought them, got bag, Diablo Octane 9.5 driver, irons 5-9, PW, SW, Hybrid 3&4, Wood 3&5, putter all Callaway plus he gave me a Hippo putter, Orlimar 52 degree wedge, Northwestern 60 degree SW, big bag of tees, and about 50-60 new balls. I think it was okay of a buy, $175.00. But now I have found another set of Callaway irons, Diablo Forged at a good price so I'm thinking about picking them up before they get gone. I'm going to get to try out everything...
Hi everyone, new to the site and was looking for some help on choosing descent starter club set for myself. I have found a set of used Callaway Warbirds at a good price and wasn't for certain if this would be a good set to start out with? From doing a search on here it looks as if these were sold at Dick's and various other places as boxed sets. Would these be okay to start with or should I look for individual iron sets, drivers, etc and try to piece together a set of...
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