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Filbert,   Those are pretty big swings from front/back nines as well.  I doubt it, but it would be interesting to find out if there's any statistical data on how rare it is shoot x # of strokes on the front nine vs y # of strokes on the back nine.  My difference was 15 stroke difference which I thought was a ridiculously high variance.
I get really frustrated because I have inconsistent entire rounds.  I'll shoot 77 one day, then 91 the next, and then back to like 81.  However, I don't really ever have that crazy inconsistency during the same round.    I've played golf a long time and I play at least once a week and I guess it just never seems to amaze me by how strange golf is.  It just gives you a couple of peeks at greatness and gives you the sense that you could become an amazing golfer, but...
I had a very statistically unusual round this past Thursday that has had be thinking about it over and over again.  3 of my buddies and I played at Hidden Valley Golf Course in Norco,CA on July 4th and played from the white tees (68.5 rating, 125 slope).  It was an early morning round and I was playing rather badly, 4 putting a hole, double bogeying twice, and ended up shooting an 11 over 47 on the front nine.  Well I thought my round was shot, all of a sudden I just...
  I agree, it is so effin hilarious.  
WTF?  That was the dumbest fake story i've read on here.  I can't believe you wasted time thinking that up.
I have two quick stories.  I took the risk and actually decided to teach my girlfriend golf.  After a couple weeks of helping her at a range we tried a local 9 hole par 3 course.  Lo and behold she knocks it on the green from her tee shot and is left with about a 35 footer with strong right to left break.  She asks me "how hard should i hit it", and i was like "um firm, but not too hard".  She looked at me with a frustrated look, "what the hell does that mean".  At that...
My mother was born and raised in La Crosse, WI.  Her and my dad eventually moved to Southern California and raised me and my brother.  When I was 13, my dad had a job opportunity out in the twin cities, so we moved just across the border in Wisconsin.  That's when I started getting into football and became a fan of the Packers.  We eventually moved back out here 3 years later and I've just been a fan ever since.
I definitely would, but I will be out of town Sunday.  I'm headed down to the Stone Brewery in Escondido for their Oakquinox beer festival.    I would be interested another time.  Btw, what course you guys playing?
I would like to: 1. Lower my handicap to under 5 2. Increase my driver distance avg from 260 to around 280. 3. To consistently hit my 4 and 5 irons more solidly.
Thank you, and btw i'm a huge Packer fan!
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