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None of my hybrids say 'rescue' anywhere on them.
I did not say that I stopped my swing, I did not stop my swing,  I completed my swing with 1/2 of a golf club in my hands.
Ahhh, the age old question. Is it the Indian or the Arrow?
The violation occurred 5 - 8 years ago, I did not save my rule books from prior years, but was disgusted with the penalty being so severe for the difference between breaking a ball vs breaking a club in the normal course of play.
18-2 a. ii     Players equipment causes ball to move.  One stroke.  If ball moved, it must be replaced, unless the movement of the ball occurs after has begun the player has begun the stroke or the backward movement of the club for the stroke and the stroke is made.   Therefore the stroke is counted, and a additional stroke for moving a ball at rest. Replace the ball, commence with your fourth stroke.
Get them fitted locally for lie, grip size and play them! Maybe add some lead tape to the back on either the logo plate, or the cavity shelf, the club heads are too light for the shaft they installed into them back then. They shot for C-6 to 8 swing weights, I think the shaft loads better at D-3 to 5. They are a great club even now compared to the latest offerings by current manufacturers. The clubs will become 100% non-conforming in 2024, I can only hope I am still...
Yes, I understood the recreational golfer disclaimer, but I thought you should know of the potential in the future. Swing speed in combination with shaft loading can cause a shaft to break even when you are a recreational golfer. Yesterday, I heard in the pro shop of a brand new club that broke during its first round of play, it was inspected by three long term veteran golf pros who all could not come up with any explanation as to why the shaft failed. The Major...
You will never know unless the shaft fractures at the bend point at some point in the future. I have broken three iron shafts with no apparent damages to them prior to catastrophic failure on downswing prior to impact. If the golf ball breaks during a attempt at stroke, free drop. If club breaks on down swing, one stroke penalty, if it impacts the ball add two stroke penalty, reduced to one, max penalty two strokes for any one stroke at ball.
Just got back from a week of desert golf, 72 holes and no lost balls. Swapped balls out to best fit the strategy of the hole pocketed the Taylormade TP from the 10th & 11th holes of one course, 12, 242 yard par three with open approach, Topflite rolled up perfectly to hole high, par executed.
We have a April team tourney, each team of four gets a "Logo" ball, each player takes turns playing the ball on each new hole, if you complete the round with the "Logo" ball, low score wins. This is in addition to best one ball gross, best two net tourney, it keeps everyone on hyper focus unless they have blown themselves out of the tourney. Winning score is usually 4 under net with "Logo" ball, 10 - 12 under with the three team score balls. But you never know, sometimes...
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