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Here's the hands together and tennis racket/release drills. With the racket I did release wtih open face, square face, and draw face.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLeQyPqP5OE
With the tennis racket grip it just as you would with your golf club. Take your backswing  remembering to let the forearms fan open then as you come down keep the fanned open arms and straighten your right elbow at impact. What you should see is that your tennis racket face is pointing way out to right field. You've fully released the club but your trying to hit a slice around a tree :)   To correct it do the same drill but when you come in to impact straighten that...
First check your setup. Remember that with the driver you want it teed up in line with your front foot or a little forward of it. You also want to make sure youve got some tilt to the right. Obviously you can play it further back but that gives less time for the face to close. Second make sure you have a slightly stronger grip. Now remember that but we are going to put the club down and go over how the arms work. On the back swing your forearms will roll open. That...
I just had this exact sane thing with my driver. My swing coach showed me how to properly control my downswings during transition as well as release with the club face set for draw, fade, or straight. This had been a mystery to me for quite some time. Everyone says the release just happens and that's true for people that already know. About to get dinner but ill post later.
Hi All I'be been struggling with a bit of a reroute from the top that gets me over the plane and steep on the downswings. Sometimes I get back on plane at about waist high and hit the ball well buts it way short of where it could be. Any help would be great. I've had some lessons but no one can tell me how to fix it. I hear things like 'just relax your arms and wrists and let it happen' which doesn't translate for me.
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