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They are all former tour pros for a reason.   Can you guess what it is?
Do you get that only the best player  has the right opinion is an old idea?   Usually  put forth by the kind of people who write stuff like "stop being a dick in the process".   Oh what a class act you are!   And I have beaten a lot of former touring pros and to follow "your" reasoning ; if OP is or was so all knowing and that is what made him or makes him so great he would be on the PGA tour now.
Your ignorance of why I mentioned Tiger Woods, (which was a very simple point) coupled with your inability to separate fact from opinion.   Is nothing worth boasting about.   The "hard evidence" you mentioned is worthless without the experience and knowledge needed to process it.
How can I be critical?   Simple it is called an "Opinion" based on extensive knowledge and experience.   Let me give an example that may well confuse you.   I have never wanted to be a  Priest, I have also never read the whole Bible.   Following your line of thinking I should of put off deciding not to being a Priest, until I read the whole Bible or attended Seminary school.
 Dude, thank you for illustrating just the kind of mind set that does not change or learn. And thanks for being so perceptive to know I have not been following this thread, even though you freely admit you have not been following it.Not that i really care to follow all of a 16 page thread, because one I do other  stuff in my life  and following this thread is not my job.
Read my post I never suggested you should aim at the flag, sometimes you should.   I can tell you the best play is usually neither the flag or the center of the green; excluding short approaches.   Unlike some of you formula following "Center of the green" drones I do not have a one or two paragraph formula I follow.   But I do have a story from a young Tiger Woods about the first time he played with Nick Price; who was the best player in the world at the...
 "Even with a super hard putt you're kidding yourself if you think you can't beat your up and down percentage with your avoiding more than 2 putts percentage."       My point is not that  I can't beat my up and down % from off the green but rather that anyone is kidding themselves if you think that because they aim at the center of the green your ball will actually end up there.
"Facts" I just got from Saevel despite playing golf for a couple decades.    "so in fact the center of the green is mostly always the furthest point away from trouble from the left or right."   Thanks I just never noticed that almost every green has trouble on both sides and the same kind of hazard too!   "If have water left, and high rough right, were do you want the ball to land that is furthest from both things, the center. "   Another "Fact" silly me always...
Yeah Abu, you sure didn't follow!
To all you "Center of the Green Always" unless you have a tour card; math strategy wonks. Does your distance decides every thing consider....   Does the Center of the green bring your ball a lot closer to a pond, OB, dense tree line or foot high rough?   And even if your ball ends up exactly in the center, will you have a super slick double breaking downhill putt with a six foot break. 
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