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The winter golf over here in the UK has been great so far. Temps in the morning are still about 3-6 oC, but we've had a lack of rain where I am and therefore the course is still great to play on.   Only annoying bit about winter, is having to put extra layers on, which hampers your swing so much!
 Thing with golf is, you won't notice that your fatigued as you expend energy at a much slower rate over a longer period of time. Guess if it were that, you'd be absolutely knackered after the round? Feel the need to sleep straight away after a round? Could just be your concentration. Sometimes I find my best golf is played when I'm totally relaxed and not 'trying too hard', but this normally only happens when playing with mates. Competition always brings out a different...
The last scratch golfer I was paired with in my monthly medal last month. He shot a 68 (-4) and he's only 19 as well! In contrast, I shot a 97 that day, but he wasn't bothered at all by that.. they just tend to focus on their own scores.   At my club, all the good players are really friendly and helpful and give you tips when going round as well.
Could be fatigue?   Alternatively, your course's back 9 could be harder.
My Average score is about 86-92 (didn't understand the sand figure either, so left that out - FYI my sand percentage save is 42% average):     AVERAGE SCORE Relationship CATEGORY 71 75 79 81 85 89 91 95 99   GIR 12 10 8 7 5 3 2 0 0 Strong % Fairways 81 71 61 56 46 36 31 21 11 Weak Iron...
Had a nightmare weekend for my golf.   Competition 1 - Turkey Trot (3 clubs & Putter) - Bottom of my league with 22 stableford points Competition 2 - Monthly Medal - Would have come bottom, but didn't register a score on the 18th hole.     Been doing a lot of swing changes recently and it's costing me bigtime, whilst I learn them!
List...   - Asked for a Garmin G3 GPS device - Will be getting a Trolley for free(!) as my dad is upgrading to an electric one - Some more winter gear for those cold range sessions in the evening - Nike Summer golf shoes (going really cheap @ ~£40-£50) - won't be able to use them for a while, but there you go  
- Getting my 1st birdie on holiday. Chipped in from about 20yards and continued to roll and roll and then went in - Getting my 1st Eagle. Great drive to centre of fairway, 2nd shot 5i to pin high, but just off green. Chip in that again, rolled a lot and just went right round the hole but snuck in the back somehow! - Winning my 1st competition and also getting a birdie on a Par3 so winning more money! - Chipping in from 50yards - Playing against someone in competition...
I've had 1 recently:   1) The halfway back position of moving your hands parallel so the club faces upwards, without hinging your wrists until after this point. This has totally changed my swing and I now understand the 'feeling' of having an open clubface during the backswing
Apart from technique, I think you have an issue with your confidence. The fact you know that you make blowup holes is probably sat in your head and can imagine that this destroys you out on the course and not your skill level.   I think working on your mental recovery from bad holes is key to having a good round and also helps you to enjoy golf more. The fact you mentioned that you want to quit, says to me that you probably struggle with a  'give up mentally' once you've...
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