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tasker, This will be my 6th year of golfing and have used nothing but Callaway till recently.  However, so far everything has been great and I am finally comfortable with my irons and have gone a club up for all my distances, which I thought would never happen.  Hopefully, it all stays the same throughout the year and I shoot my best scores yet.  Thanks for the response.   V/R J
Callaway left a bad taste in my mouth, so I traded in my Razr X irons, Jaws Wedges, Razr Fit driver, Razr Extreme 4 wood, and X hot hybrid for All Ping products, ( G25 4-PW, Anser Wedges 50, 54, 58, G20 Driver, 4 wood, 3 hybrid and just in case a 3 iron if the hybrid does not work out).  Thanks for everyone's response. Hit em straight!!   V/R J
WUTIGER,  Hey thanks for the response. I was looking at the 3-Deep, because I do hit high on the face, but I am going to look at the XHOT. I settle on the RFE 4 wood, because in the monitor I was hitting so "good", !!  After 4 rounds with i, that beautiful draw I was getting, is a long bannana on the course.  I would like to hit the XHOT with different shafts, because I am not a fan of lighter shafts. We shall see what happens in the next couple of weeks and thanks for...
chriskzoo, Yes, I called and they say it is open and cannot be adjusted.  However, there is a picture of Gary Woodland's fairway wood is getting closed on their website.  Like I said before, I understand Pros can get whatever, but why can't the consumer who is willing to pay for it as well.  Then again, if I have to adjust maybe I do not need it. Thanks again for all of the responses!!   V/R J
chriskzoo, I figured that, but thats why I am confused about Callaway customer service saying it can be done at the factory. I would rather not buy something then hope it does not break when I redneck it out, .  Thanks again.   V/R J
Chriskzoo,  Thanks for the quick response and I know everything is easier with the adjutable hosel, but Pros still have there heads adjusted by machine, such as Furyk was working with a 11.2 drive and various heads two tourneys ago.  So, it just seems strange that a glued wood could not be bent one or two degrees to make it neutral at the factory.  Well, thanks for the response, just a guy trying to understand why there is such a separation between Pros and Joes when...
I am new to this, but here it goes.  So, I want to order the new Callaway 3 Deep 14.5 3 wood, but I perfer it to be a neutral and not open.  Callaway told me it comes open and I cannot special order/request it be set at neutral, why? Thanks in advance!!   V/R J
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