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   1) Have the best player play the front nine with one group of three, then have him/her play the back nine with the other group of three. 2) You're correct.
   From the tee your provisional will be lying 3. If you do not find your first ball, then you play the provisional and will be hitting 4. Edit: I type too slow. David in FL already explained it.
Standing over a putt with someone walking within my peripheral vision bugs me.   Usually they're retrieving the flagstick or their club laying on the green.   I back off the ball and start over.
Yes. With Tiger playing pain free the intimidation factor will kick back on and he'll swiftly rise to #1
JetBlue has curbside baggage check too, costs $2.00 plus a tip, worth it for the non-lugging around.
 We have a group that goes to Orlando every March and we fly JetBlue. The first checked bag is free, so we check our clubs and take a carry-on (no charge) for our clothes.I always pack two dozen balls and they've said nothing about that over the past few years. Their listing is just a suggestion, it's important to be within the weight limit & that's easy. I also put all the bathroom stuff in with the clubs. Buy a case and take your own weapons, you'll be happier.
Swatting at the grass behind his ball was not a good move, could be considered improving his lie.
A rule book or download them on your phone.   Some spare ball markers, Tylenol, Tums and Band-Aid's.   If you wear contacts, a spare pair or two & saline solution.   Fingernail clippers and dental floss are handy at times too.
Pin attenders who are oblivious to their own shadow cast.
In the meantime, get her the pocket size on the Rules of Golf (or have her download it).   Let her know, for now, all she needs to understand is the section on etiquette. And at some point she'll need to abide by the rest of the book.
New Posts  All Forums: