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In the meantime, get her the pocket size on the Rules of Golf (or have her download it).   Let her know, for now, all she needs to understand is the section on etiquette. And at some point she'll need to abide by the rest of the book.
  Probably extra virgin olive oil.
  If you mean padding, no. If you're referring to 1/4" plywood, only if the existing subfloor can not be prepped to make smooth/flat enough.
The outdoor carpet will work. It's available in several pile styles & colors. The one that imitates grass (astroturf) would be a good choice. Get the cut pile one in a decent quality. Most stores stock the base grade (which is junk) - ask to see samples for the better products.   They all made in a 6' & 12' width, so you'll be able to do your job in one piece.   Be sure to seal the raw edge (where you cut thru the carpet to make the hole) with seaming adhesive, so it...
  Correct. The other guy is not a pro but a decent golfer. Picture was taken at a pro-am a few years back.
I just enjoy reading anything related to golf. Especially this time of year as our season approaches!   It was about one year ago when I reading a few different golf forums (for entertainment) and this group was the most interesting, so I joined and blurt out every now & then.
Have been a member for almost one year and I'll never change it.   I'm not pictured in my avatar, but do you recognize either/both of the two shown?
Shorts and/or slacks, depending on the weather. Sometimes long underwear beneath the slacks.   Years ago I mostly wore slacks, for some reason I played better with slacks vs. shorts. Probably a mental factor.
NY, PA, RI, MD, VA, NC, SC and FL.
   My son graduated from The Golf Academy of America a couple of years ago and The Legends was the students home course/practice facility.I would visit him during the fall & spring and played all three of those beautiful courses, $20.00 each for me as a guest, loved it.Don't remember that sign on the cart, do remember being obviously OB (not even sure if there were white stakes), but we played stroke & distance. Pretty certain iacas is correct on the pace of play...
New Posts  All Forums: