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Perhaps a signed glove would've pleased him.
Here's a solution... Require all passengers to recline, then all will be equidistant.
  Good choice on Timber Banks, everyone I know raves about it. Assuming you played the west course at Drumlins and for $25 it's not too bad. You probably noticed the east course (private) is in much nicer shape. Green Lakes is operated by NYS Parks and usually maintained well and a fun layout.  You saved a bunch of cash by not including Turning Stone at this time of year. If you visit your family during the fall, check out their rates. We played Shenendoah last September...
Do what's right, otherwise the golf gods may wreak havoc on your game.
Nicest public ones (IMO).   Syracuse, NY: Drumlins.   But the following are much nicer and not much of a drive from Syracuse.   Baldwinsville, NY: Timber Banks, Radisson and Foxfire.   Fayetteville, NY: Green Lakes.   Marcellus, NY: Links at Sunset Ridge.   Camillus, NY: Camillus CC (clubhouse burnt down recently)
My dad was a club pro so of course he taught me the game and I'm addicted.   Not sure how old I was when I started playing all the time, sometime during my elementary school years.
  Same as stroke.
   1) Have the best player play the front nine with one group of three, then have him/her play the back nine with the other group of three. 2) You're correct.
   From the tee your provisional will be lying 3. If you do not find your first ball, then you play the provisional and will be hitting 4. Edit: I type too slow. David in FL already explained it.
Standing over a putt with someone walking within my peripheral vision bugs me.   Usually they're retrieving the flagstick or their club laying on the green.   I back off the ball and start over.
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