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I agree that it seems like overkill but all the changes that Brian has given me so far are setup/grip/posture changes.  The only thing he's suggested regarding my actual swing was to work on controlling my start lines.  The reason I submitted videos last night was because I'm hoping to be given further instruction on fixing the actual motion of my swing.  There's a chance he comes back and says that I need to continue working on club face control, but I just wanted...
Just wanted to say I think you're swing is really coming along nicely!  Keep up the good work and don't forget the virtues of being a stupid monkey
 Thanks.  I'm anxious to find out what my next priority piece is.  Although, it might stay at club face control which is going to take a while to master.
Got out to the range this afternoon over lunch and was very pleased with the results.  My ball flight was much higher than I'm used to.  I was hitting my 9 iron about 155-160 and maybe 75-100 feet in the air (with a few shanks thrown in for good measure).  It was a thing of beauty.  These are the videos I'm submitting to Brian tonight.  The three things I was working on are the club more in the fingers, a stronger grip, and standing more upright to move my weight from my...
Haha, yeah the problem was my first putt was not leaving me anywhere near a tap in for the second.  I'd either leave myself 4 feet short or blow it past the hole 6 feet.  I think it had a lot to do with the greens being recently worked on and the fact I haven't really put the work in with my putting practice.  I just couldn't get the speed right to save my life.  Just frustrating is all.
27 putts and 3 penalty strokes to be exact.  Wow, just typing that hurts.
Yesterday pretty much sucked.  I played 9 and shot 55, granted it was a tough course.  3 lost ball penalties (only 1 was a bad shot though, just couldn't find the other balls) and I pretty much 3 putted every single hole.  The greens were just aerated and everyone in my group had trouble putting but it was just ridiculous.  I had 4 putts for par from 4 feet or less and left everyone short a few inches .  I was fairly happy with my ball striking but driving and putting is...
Got my second lesson from Brian today.  It's kind of funny because the two things he mentions that I need to work on are things I've been practicing the past few days.  He also did bring up my posture, telling me I need to stand taller to move my weight from my heels.  Anyway, he wants to see a stronger grip and for me to work on starting the ball where I want i.e. club face control.  I went to the range this morning before receiving the video and toyed around with a...
Ahhh, okay.  That I'd agree with   Thanks, Erik.
 Also, Dude, Canadian goose is not the preferred nomenclature.  Canadian-American goose, please
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