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Ahhh, okay.  That I'd agree with   Thanks, Erik.
 Also, Dude, Canadian goose is not the preferred nomenclature.  Canadian-American goose, please
 I was driving the other day and slowed down to let this duck merge in front of me.  No "thank you" wave.  I understand he doesn't have hands, just wings, but total prick move IMO.
 Thanks, man.  Yeah, I'm hoping that since I'm putting in the work to get a fundamentally sound golf swing now that I'll be better for it in the long run.  Where at in Michigan are you?  I grew up around the Brighton/Howell area but moved out of state after college.
 Now I'm a little confused. I thought I was previously delofting the club ("not adding a bunch of loft") by closing it at address in an attempt to stop the ball from shooting out right.  Thanks!  That's just an estimate though.  I have no idea what my actual hcp is.  My goal this summer is to break 90.  Baby steps...
Powerful and balanced.  Seriously nice! 
So I submitted these videos to Brian tonight.  The range session with the new grip didn't go so great today.  EVERYTHING went right.  Lots of pushes with my 9 iron and a couple push fades.  Also, I'm still bumping my head off the ball in my backswing which annoys me to no end when I'm watching my swing.  I got lots of work to do...    
New glove and new grip. The old glove may have had slightly too much wear and tear.  Going to the range tomorrow to try it out.  
 What?  Isn't that what they're supposed to look like???  
Just received my Evolvr lesson from Brian.  Of course, it was not even close to what I was predicting.  No issues with my setup but he wants me to work on my grip, specifically my left hand.  He says it's too much in the palm and that I've set up with such a delofted club face, that it's contributing to my inconsistent and low ball flight.  Looking at the wear on my glove, can't say I disagree with him...     Also, probably need to ease up on the death grip.  Anyway,...
New Posts  All Forums: