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 Thanks, Mike.  I know it's still not great but it's at least a small improvement.  I was hitting them pretty decent yesterday, more good ones than bad ones.  My misses were pushes and push slices, a product of not having enough weight forward at impact so I'm swiping across the ball.  I'm heading back to the range now.  I'm going to work on Key #2 some more (I need to keep that left knee flexed longer in the downswing) and try to work in some feels for keeping the hips...
I've been working on Key #2 for the past month.  I think I'm improving but it's not quite automatic yet.  I also think I'm moving too much of my upper body towards the target on the downswing, rather than just the lower body.  Looking at the video, I also see that I'm shifting my hips back laterally rather than rotating them.  I guess I need to rewatch the "How to Make a Centered Hip Turn" video.  Anybody see anything different?  
Once you get some good video up, my guess is you'll need to work on getting your weight more forward.  Check out this thread if you haven't already.   http://thesandtrap.com/t/29616/the-biggest-secret-slide-your-hips
Key #2 is my priority piece at the moment.  Anyway, I found this video and thought it deserved to be in this thread.  My apologies if it's already been posted but I think you can very clearly see that Luke is focusing on sliding/bumping/moving his hips toward the target to start the downswing.  If it's good enough for a former world no. 1, it's good enough for me.  
 $14 for twilight during the week at Applewood with the Player's Club card.  The price is right but I guess you get what you pay for!
 Hey, Westwoods ain't all bad.  It's about a mile from my house so the convenience factor is hard to beat.  Applewood...yeah, definite goat track but it's close to my work and dirt cheap.
Quote: Thanks, buddy.  I'll see if I can't get better video up soon.
 I also noticed they looked too close to my body.  I looked all bunched up and it didn't look like my arms had room to swing through. I've read that thread multiple times so hopefully my grip isn't too far off.  For now, I'll really focus on key #2.  Gotta change that dang picture...  Thanks again.
 I thought that would be the piece that needed my immediate attention but I wanted confirmation from an expert such as yourself.  I was really hoping you would chime in, so thanks.   One other thing, is there anything else that you would pay attention to in cleaning up at the moment?  Posture, grip etc.?  Or should I just concern myself with key #2?  I'm guessing the latter...
Well it's been almost a year since I updated this thread and I could really use some help.  These are a couple videos I took yesterday.  (Sidenote: what's the best way to get 240fps video off an iPhone 6 onto YouTube?  I tried searching online briefly but I figured someone on here would know off the top of their head.)       Anyway, I've been dealing with pushes, push fades, and oh so lovely shanks.  My ball markings definitely tend to be closer to the hosel than...
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