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Your son's swing is better than mine!  Very cool.
The slide and rotation both happen almost simultaneously.  The hips bump forward a few inches and the hips start to rotate open.  This helps get your weight forward and start the proper sequencing in the downswing to provide that "effortless power" we all want.
 I plan on it.  I've been doing a lot of work on my swing in my basement this winter but it's not very conducive to getting good video.  I'm going to sign back up with Evolvr as soon as it gets warmer and I can get outside and get some video.  Here's hoping I've changed the picture a little!
 Can you explain this a little more?  I've kept tabs on your My Swing thread since I believe we have some of the same swing issues.  BTW nice swing.  Keep up the good work!
It happens to all of us if you play long enough.  You're definitely not alone.  When this happens to me, I will really slow things down and take half swings until I get the feeling of good contact.  Doing repetitions outside of what you're capable of doing successfully isn't going to help you get better.
For a golfer that has the problem of rotating too much on the backswing (past 90 degrees to the point of pulling the eyes off the ball), would you recommend keeping the trail foot perpindicular to the target line (or minimally flared) as a way to limit the over-rotation?
First off, great looking swing.  You're a better golfer than I so take this with a grain of salt.  It looks like in the DTL view, you might be making a very slight OTT move.  In the FO view, you might be casting a bit on the downswing.  Both of these things would contribute to a weak fade.  It also seems like you're not transferring enough weight onto your left side at impact (also something I'm currently working on).  However, you said your contact is pretty consistent so...
Great video, Mike.  Thanks for sharing.
I'm not qualified to give advice but where is this indoor facility? I'm also in CO (near Golden) and would love a place to practice over the winter.
 Much obliged.
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