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 Much obliged.
Pardon my ignorance but where do I write this damn review??  TIA 
So I haven't updated this thread in a while.  I've been working for a while now on getting a better body rotation on the downswing and keeping my right heel down until impact.  It's not where I want either to be but I think it's getting better.  Watching the video really makes me want to start working on shortening the backswing.  Any comments are welcomed!  
Brian at Evolvr is having me work on something similar.  My hands tend to get too far behind me as well.  The drills I've been doing are designed to really feel the arms/hands in front of my torso throughout the entirety of the swing.  Doing this slow is easy but when I go to speed it up, it tends to be much harder, go figure.  I almost have to feel like my swing is more "armsy" which goes against everything you're told about the golf swing.  You might try to feel like...
Good luck man!  Everybody is pulling for you.
This is exactly the type of back pain I've been dealing with this season.  I actually started seeing a chiropractor about it a few months ago.  Can I still get in on this?
That's friggin' awesome! Congratulations!
 Well there's you problem.  The courses I play tend to frown on that.
Thanks, Erik.
Sorry for bumping an old thread but I am having trouble with power accumulator #3.   From what I've gathered, it's essentially the rotation of the left forearm and the release of the associated angle formed between it and the club shaft.  During the backswing, the clubface goes from pointing in the general direction of the target at address to a more toe-up position when the shaft is parallel to the ground.  This then gets reversed in the downswing.   I believe I don't...
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