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Bump. Also open to other stand bags without the "woode" organizer system.
I love the Wilson Staff 50 ball. Cheap and plays very nice for the price!
Traded in some clubs so thought I'd update this. Adams Speedline F11 driver 9.5 Taylormade Superfast 2.0 18* rescue Adams idea A7 22* hybrid Callaway Razr Black 4-A Callaway Jaws 56* Odyssey White Hot pro #1 loving this current setup! Just need a 3 wood and want a cart bag.
Been doing the same thing ALOT lately.
Have a like new black Ogio ozone bag just sitting around. I would really like to trade for a cart bag. I can email or text pics of my bag. Let me know what you got!
I game the A7 idea hybrids and they are incredibly easy to hit. Maybe look into that set as they have been out awhile so the price is much better.
Shot an 88 (+16) on a very windy day this morning on Dyess AFB.
Went out this morning and shot a 93 (+21). Just couldn't get the putter to work for me. I have the Odyssey metal-x #6 that I'm trying to adjust to coming from a 2ball. Went back out this evening and shot an 86 which is about average for me. Drained a 40 foot and a 20 foot putt. Night and day difference from this morning. Sometimes they're dropping and sometimes they're not. That's golf!
I believe graphite is supposed to eliminate the vibration on miss hits. I'm not positive tho.
84 on a par 72. I was pretty happy with it but upset I missed 4 par putts within 10 yards. But that's golf!
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