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That's weird.  I have more trouble with my elbow getting behind me with the longer swing & clubs like the driver & fairway woods.  I try to keep my right elbow as far in front of my chest as I can throughout the swing.  It feels totally unnatural, now, but my ball striking is much better!
He Almost Quoted Steve Elkington exactly." With a short left thumb, the grip is more stable; You feel it in the bone". http://secretinthedirt.com/index.php/the-vault/video-vault/viewvideo/1898/setup-gripstanceposture/locker-room-lesson-with-
My right elbow gets behind me in the backswing & I hit it everywhere from there.  My instructor today worked with me first on taking the club back with the right arm only, keeping the elbow in front of my body.  I then progressed to stopping at the top of the backswing, making sure the elbow was in front, then going through with the shot.  Lastly, I made the same motion without a pause or stop, but in very slow motion.   I came home tonite   & practiced these 3 drills...
He Teaches TGM Theory & He Recommended The "Short Thumb" For More Control With My Huge Mitts! LOL! I'm 6'10" & wear a XXL glove.  My main problem is my right elbow gets behind my body on the backswing.  He worked today with me on keeping my arms, particularly  my right arm & elbow in front of my chest throughout the swing.  The only way I could do it at first was to pause at the top of the backswing, making sure the right elbow was in front, then go through the shot.  I...
Thanks, Mike & All!  I'll Ask My PGA Pro Today What is best for me during my lesson.
Thanks! Any videos or drills you would recommend?
Can you explain the different results you get with long & short left thumbs?  Steve Elkington & Hogan advice using a short left thumb.  Thanks!
I'm definitely too tight in my wrists. if I keep my wrists loose & relaxed, should I focus on trying to maintain the lag with my arms & wrists or forget about them & simply shift my left hip to the target, keeping the arms & hands passive?
Right palm pointing to sky to start downswing?
  Thanks, Guys!
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