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im playing my rbz 10.5 driver but lowered to the 9 degrees setting. this means that the face will open up slightly...   is there a  way to counterbalance this? possibly lead tape?
i'm stuck between these 3 similar shafts- low spin low launch- also similar price. i'm leaning towards the grafalloy bimatrix prototype s 65g and 2.0 torque- but worry it may seem too boardy   any thoughts?
hey all   im planning on getting a new after market shaft online and have never installed a shaft before. it comes without the grip or adapter.   can anyone tell me what i will need to do once i have the grip, adapter and shaft?   from my understanding...I will have to put on the grip then put epoxy on the shaft tip and put the adapter on and wipe away the epoxy. is this true and all i need to do?   thanks!
hey all   i am planning on getting a new shaft for my driver without getting a fitting...i am currently at Regular flex and can get the ball around 270 yards and want to go up in shaft to increase my accuracy and feel.   if i go up to a stiff or an xstiff will i lose distance?   thanks in advance
Hey, I've sent my cobra amp irons to the local pro shop for a 3/4 of an inch added to the clubs. I am 6ft2 and my wrists to floor measurement is about 38 inches. Can anyone tell me without looking at my swing if it would be a must to get a lie adjustment? Ps.yes I do know that the best way to find out is to get fitted but id just like a general answer
when i swing my irons 3/4 it has a better trajectory and distance than when i swing fully   why is this? am i not accurate when i swing fully?
when im hitting my irons at the range, im getting 2 different impact feels for the straight balls...   there is the straight and mid trajectory ball which feels and sounds like a small pop- which I know is dead flush and pure but im also getting a more harder blunt feel/sound that has a lower trajectory which still goes straight- I know for sure im not hitting the ball centre   where is the ball meeting the club face for the blunter and harder ones? is it bad...
lets say that i go golfing with a friend of mine and my girlfriend wants go follow along only to watch. would she have to pay a green fee to step on to the course?
apart from looks which I don't mind, what do you guys think about the putter? i am thinking of buying it used and it seems like a decent putter. all i've read from other reviews are regarding its looks... its the 2003 model- any thoughts?
does anyone know of a good trusted site to get lots of cheap golf balls? doesn't matter if they are used but would like a decent brand.
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