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I have no issue with assistance with club selection as this is something the player could do but the caddie save time. I dont think having another person tell you where to aim is in the spirit of the game. This allows someone who does not possess one of the skills required to succeed to be able to putt successfully. I realise there is more to putting than line selection but it is pretty important
If advice from the crowd was breaking the rules the every time a ball was sunk it would be  a penalty, every shot from tee to green is accompanied by "in the hole". I personally dont like advice on the greens by caddies or help with lining up on tees or fairways. To me a caddie should only be able to provide advice the golfer could have written down eg distances.
so it must have taken 3 day for the first three putt!
Sandra Gal has an amazing natural body and I also think Michelle Wie is stunning
not the best body on the tour either
I personally would not go onto the tee box, but if you think about it this is the best possible area of the course to risk damage to the ground. Even in the unlikely event that your clubs are so heave that they do damage, most people will use a tee so the condition of the ground is not as big a deal.
I have never heard of that, are you thinking of courses in Australia with sand greens?
Massive difference for me   I kept my clubs from 1994 until 2013- they were a set of Fazer Marauder's. These were my first clubs after playing for 2 years. I had used my dads clubs from the early 80's prior to this. The Fazer clubs were nice rip offs of Tommy Armour cavity backs, I think they were 845's or silver scot from memory.   I did upgrade the driver in 2006 and gained a bit of distance.   My current clubs are a couple of years old and make a massive...
I have often thought that with all of the money that is in the middle east a sheik with too much money should build a course that features exact replicas of famous golf holes, not necessarily the hardest holes but the famous ones. Imagine having amen corner, the road hole and the island hole in the same round. As for my score, if the greens were at PGA level then I think 121 (triple on every hole) with greens somewhat suited to normal golfer then I think 103 (double every...
Good On Steve for choosing his family first.   I predict he will work with Lydia Ko on a part time basis
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