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I think right index is the one tiger tapes and Wie injured. It takes a fair bit of wear
It is mostly a woman thing, I think they fear photos of their ears looking larger
So what? I would be choosing a ball based on how I score, not whether the box tells me it is a beginner or pro ball. Ignore the branding and choose what plays best.  Same goes for clubs, play what suits you, not what advertising tells you is best
the testing condition of hazard is an interesting thing. If you stand back from the ball and take a practice swing (without grounding the club) and then move closer to the ball and play your shot then would the practice swing have been testing the condition? How do you walk into a water hazard without testing the condition?
I dont care about the brand, but do about the feel of the ball. I realized that while ever I am not a pro golfer the ball is going to play a very minor part in my performance.
I wear a glove every shot. I never understood taking it off to putt so wear it on the green too.   I tear up my hands even with a glove on, my right index finger generally gets a bit of damage from my grip even with a glove.
Do the old players use modern balls in this theoretical comp?   I think that elite sportsman from past eras given equal technology and practice time will be comparable to the modern players.
This is true. I would love to suck the ball back 15 feet as it looks awesome and it is a great trick to show your mates. It is also a shot that pros play that I cant play, so I want it more. BUT........ I am very happy that I can usually stop my ball almost dead on approach, it generally plugs pretty well in the green. For me this is a much more reliable shot to play and why I hit a soft feel ball.
What a shame fixing pitch marks on the green isn't the first point. DOnt just fix the one on your line, fix the ones you create too
I like the format, but thought the coverage was really poor. There seemed to be a bigger focus on the "big name" players even if they were 3 holes up and likely to win when another pairing might be all square.   I think that maybe 4 players for all of the countries might be a bit of a stretch. Could this concept work with 2 players, or maybe 3 players per team to ensure all payers are closer in talent?   I would like to see a Great Britain team try to compete rather...
New Posts  All Forums: