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be careful of blisters on your hands
If I had the ability to hit everything straight I would probably hit long irons off the tee to allow me to hit full irons into every green.   I admit I am not a great player but I too have difficulty hitting accurately from 60-70 yards so I usually aim to be either 90-100m from the pin for a SW or 120m for a PW.   I also hit long irons or 5w from the tee to allow this distance to be left. I could hit driver but if you think about your next shot and not just the shot...
I enjoy the LPGA more due to them having to try to beat the course rather than outmuscle it. All obstacles are in play due to the lac of length compared to the mens.   This is how golf is meant to be played.
Since when is closely researching new putting methods being dirty
I bought a book by Jack Nicklaus and he calculated at 10yards elevation equalled one club
I don't know if it would, but if may assist if designed properly
I have always thought one line is a poor idea, why not have a 90 angle and a cross to line up, this way you have a line for the path of the ball and a line to check you putter alignment. I have often also wondered why putters don't come in chrome or highly polished to allow the reflection to assist alignment
I use social rounds for practice so I think using/taking more than the allowable clubs is ok, but not in competition. I often try different tactic for attacking a hole and require extra clubs to decide if it is worthwhile in competitions
to be declared as a device does the device have to be digital? Can you use a spirit level? Can you look at the angle that the driver cover cord hangs at to gauge the slope?
I think the Pros should use range finders, it would certainly speed up rounds.   I am far more concerned that Caddies assist lining up of shots and putts, Golf to me is an individual sport and should remain so.
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