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If you cant make an eagle and are in a share for second then laying up to go for a birdie and outright second makes sense.
Imagine if he put in 10000 hours!
I cant believe they would charge for a non player.    My wife and I go to the golf course each year on holidays, I will pay a much higher green fee just because it is holidays as a treat to myself. My wife loves to watch and will come along.    If she had to play I will find something else to do.   If a course can make a profit with me by myself in a cart then they can make the same money by having my wife as a passenger, they will make double from meals and drinks too.
I would love the skills to do either but would get bored being short and accurate.   Gripping it and ripping it is fun
The pure rage in her eyes is pretty normal. I always get the feeling that Lewis is a sore loser and always seems to be angry. She is by far my least favorite player on the tour.
I think Bam Bam had to lay up mainly due to being in the rough. I dont think it was possible to get a decent 2nd shot at the green with the lie she had
I wonder why they choose 70 as the par?   I prefer 72, it means an even 4 shots per hole and makes things nicer numerically.   Really though, I dont care what they do as long as it is fair to all players. My big concern about increased length on holes is whether it is fair to golfers who dont hit the ball as far. Creative shaping of fairways and use of bunkers and rough can even out a field so all are even.
you would need to practice for at least 10000 hours
I have no issue with assistance with club selection as this is something the player could do but the caddie save time. I dont think having another person tell you where to aim is in the spirit of the game. This allows someone who does not possess one of the skills required to succeed to be able to putt successfully. I realise there is more to putting than line selection but it is pretty important
If advice from the crowd was breaking the rules the every time a ball was sunk it would be  a penalty, every shot from tee to green is accompanied by "in the hole". I personally dont like advice on the greens by caddies or help with lining up on tees or fairways. To me a caddie should only be able to provide advice the golfer could have written down eg distances.
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