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Do the old players use modern balls in this theoretical comp?   I think that elite sportsman from past eras given equal technology and practice time will be comparable to the modern players.
This is true. I would love to suck the ball back 15 feet as it looks awesome and it is a great trick to show your mates. It is also a shot that pros play that I cant play, so I want it more. BUT........ I am very happy that I can usually stop my ball almost dead on approach, it generally plugs pretty well in the green. For me this is a much more reliable shot to play and why I hit a soft feel ball.
What a shame fixing pitch marks on the green isn't the first point. DOnt just fix the one on your line, fix the ones you create too
I like the format, but thought the coverage was really poor. There seemed to be a bigger focus on the "big name" players even if they were 3 holes up and likely to win when another pairing might be all square.   I think that maybe 4 players for all of the countries might be a bit of a stretch. Could this concept work with 2 players, or maybe 3 players per team to ensure all payers are closer in talent?   I would like to see a Great Britain team try to compete rather...
I think it will go down as the worst drop in Pro golf ever.   The drop zone sloped away from the green and was about 1.5 yards wide, there were divots about 12 inches from the higher elevation side of the circle.   I am no physicist but my basic understanding of gravity would mean that a ball dropped on the upside of the divots was going to always roll into them.   She could have dropped the ball behind the divots and had a perfect lie. Since the ball was always...
I felt sorry for Feng, sho shot a 3 under in the final round and had a handy lead and still lost. It is looking like the open will be a great tournament with all the main players looking to be in great form
Michelle Wie could use a normal length putter as a chin anchored putter!   It seems to work though, 27,32,26 putts for the first three rounds   I watch a lot of the LPGA and think there are a couple that use a belly style putter but don't anchor but none of the big names seem to.
Another interesting thing to ponder is what the courses will be like in 10 years, most courses don't have that much room to expand to add distance to each hole to make long irons part of the game. I think social tees will be moved back due to advances in technology.
I think more of what scores will be shot in 10 years time, not so much who will be shooting them. I think that unless courses are made virtually unplayable for the average golfer then scores of 7 or 8 under on all 4 days will be required to win. What will club and ball technology be able to provide in 10 years time? Will clubs get more accurate, will balls fly farther, will balls spin more etc.
No, as I explained he would need a very high percentage as I don't think his approaches would be up to pro standards, so to succeed he would need to have a perfect lie every time to think about getting close to the pin.
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