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Hi when I'm home I play as much as possible 3-5 rounds a week I am at a point where I playing the best I have ever played, the problem is I go away to work tomorrow for 2 weeks with no courses/ ranges anywhere near, is there any tips that can help me keep my swing/game fresh without actually playing so that when I get back I'm not completely out of form??
I intend to have lessons in the near future when the funds/ other half allow me to do so, but in the mean time I get a lot from playing in competitions with better players than me and watching their different swings and techniques and trying them for myself but like trial and error
I've tried them out at the shop was hitting the ball cleanly, felt nice and comfortable just wanted to be sure before I buy thanks for your help
Hi I've been playing for 8 months now and I have improved a lot to the point I am buying some new clubs ( my old ones were Dunlop hand me downs) I have already bought callaway big Bertha woods and love them now I am about to buy Wilson staff d17 irons are they a good club for a high handicapper like myself?
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