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You have found what works for you. You are the one paying your hard earned money for your green fees, cart fees, food costs, beer girl costs. If that is how you prefer to play your round of golf then awesome.
Wow, I thought I was the only one experiencing this, or atleast paying attention to this. From here on out I am not putting up with it anymore. I am calling them out everytime.
That is a great attitude to have. Honestly I think I will just start calling them out on it right then and there. I will make it funny.
I have considered this possibility as well. I would say that it is actually extremely possible. I have known ALOT of golfers to be very snobish, and just plain jerks. I think a lot of golfers probably think that is how they are supposed to act almost like they are playing on a country club, and paying 10,000 a year for membership, but there reality is that they are on a public municipal course.
I can surely see the possibility that this behavior will drive new golfers away from the experience.
This is exactly what I go through. Unfortunately the one of the person's that I am displeased with is indeed the manager there.
Actually a simple email does seem appropriate. Perhaps I am just getting old and grumpy but I have grown some pet peaves over the years and I now hate it when people do not introduce themselves properly, shake hands properly, say thank you properly. Honestly how hard is it to simply put a smile on your face and treat a person with kindness.
I live in Washington state and I have to say that of all the golf courses I have played in the last 10 years, I have yet to receive outstanding customer service. I would love to hear if any of you have experienced these kind of situations and left feeling like something was lacking in your golf experience.       My biggest gripe is always the golf shop clerk. It seems golf shop clerks always treat you like it is a burden for them to set you up with a tee time, or any...
Well my set is now complete. Just spent about 2 hours at the golf shop and tried out tons of wedges while a club fitter monitored me on the launch monitor. He was actually very surprised that the wedges I hit the most consistent and the farthest was the wedges from the Adams Tom Watson set. The club fitter told me there was no reason to buy more expensive vokeys since I hit these the best. I saved alot of money today by not going by impulse and buying three Vokeys....
Hey thanks for the welcome. I like your avitar. What kind of "glub" is that?
New Posts  All Forums: