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So I took some pictures of after I got it completed sanded down and looking really shiny! Here is the first coat of gun blue. Pretty cool stuff! Put on about 4-5 coats. Here is my first attempt at filling in the paint...terrible attempt haha...I wasn't sure how to do it at first. My plan was to clean it up afterwards. The paint was on too thick so I just stripped it all. I then used a toothpick to infill the paint. Then used a q-tip with acetone to clean...
It's not a huge deal...I just found it odd once I got out and hit them. I still love that new feel of the ball coming off the club after a solid hit!
I haven't finished it yet...I ordered some gun bluing liquid yesterday. I really like the raw finish though. I wonder if there is anyway to protect it with some kind of clear coat?
hmm...i know that the clubs werent replaced because they have the matching serial numbers stamped into them. I guess maybe it was just some kind of personal preference. I just thought it was odd that 6 were straight and facing the club face and 2 were straight facing away from the club face. I guess I will never know. 
I just recently picked up some Mizuno MP-33's off craigslist last week for $275. They are in good condition and I love the feel of them, the previous owner had new golf pride grips put on them and they have very little wear. One thing I noticed though, which I thought was odd, is that two of the grips (8 iron and 7 iron) have the grips facing backwards. So the golf pride logo is facing me instead of out...Does anyone know the reason for this? 
Thank you! I wish it was a bit deeper but I like the overall look. So much better than it was...
Does your putter have dings/dents or are you just wanting to shine it up? I have a brass beer tap and when I want it to be shiny I use a product called "braso" and it cleans up fairly nice. I have also seen where CLR for 5-10 minutes and then buff it to shine it. Hope that helps! Here are the results from last night! I think it turned out great! Took off 2/1000 of an inch. New groovings Sanded down a deep scratch Smoothed out the topline
This is what it looked like: This is what I have so far: I think it is coming around! Slowly but surely polishing it with 0000 steel wool. I have secured the CNC machine but still have not decided if I will go through with it yet or not...I'm afraid it might mess up the face stamping on the club. It is hard to have nice things on a budget but I didn't want to send it to scotty since it would cost me more than the club is worth and it would take 5 weeks!
I bought a SC Studio Design 1.5 from my brother. It was pretty rusty and in bad shape, so I decided that I would fix that by refinishing it myself. I was looking to send it away but I would like to use the putter and didn't want to spend that much money to fix it up.      I soaked it in coke for a night and was surprised by how well it took the finish off (I will not be drinking anymore coke to say the least), then I started to sand away. I noticed that there were...
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