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Golf is always viewed as expensive.  Of course it can be, but in my area it can also be cheap.  A beginner doesn't need a $400 driver, or a full set of new fitted irons.  The courses around me have racks full of used clubs.  My first set was largely built from those used club racks.  While I don't by off the used racks anymore my bag is filled with discount clubs from a number of online stores.  With apps like Golf Now and Last Minute Tee Times you can find plenty of cheap...
Quote:Are you selling country club memberships?
I am 25 and this is the first year I will be playing in a league.  Like most have said our league starts at 5:15, so getting there in time isn't an issue for me.  I think what held me back from playing before was the commitment to play every week or most weeks.  I play every weekend and like the freedom of choosing when and were.  But this year I am looking forward to getting some play in during the week.
Quote: I think you may be confused.  The course I was referring to is a public course, that offers a yearly card for unlimited greens fees.
Lol, if your like me you hit a slice into the trees then hit your crappy ball straight as an arrow into the field.
Definitely my brother in law, he got me into the game 3 years ago and taught me everything I know.  Not sure I would have made it through the early struggles without his help.
This is spot on in my opinion.  I enjoy golfing, when I'm deciding where to play I'm not thinking about swimming in a pool or playing tennis.  I want to play a nice course for a good rate.  Liberty Mountain Sky Resort has a yearly card, for $380 you get unlimited greens fees after 2pm (they typically let you on anytime after 12:30).  We normally play in the afternoon and that course is in great condition.
This thread reminds me of a very funny story.  Three years ago we were playing at Man O'War in Myrtle Beach.  I had about a 50 yard shot in that I drained for my first birdie ever.  I grab the ball and thought, I'm going to keep this one since that was my first birdie.  Two holes later my father in law hit his drive into the water, he walked over to the cart to grab another ball.  He then proceeded to hook that one into the water also.  When we got back in the cart I...
Finally got out to play this weekend.  Got 36 holes in and it felt great, woke up today and it's snowing...
1 degree on the drive in to work, 10-14 inches of snow predicted for Thursday-Friday.  Spent 2 hours hitting into the net in my garage last night and realized I'm slowing loosing my mind and cabin fever is setting in.
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