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New additions for me...    A) Ping Pioneer bag.   B) 17* G25 hybrid  
Alright... time for an updated WITB for my 2014 bag.   Ping G25 Driver 10.5* with the stock stiff TFC shaft TM Stage 2 - 2H Tour 16.5* with the stock TP Stiff shaft. Ping G25 20*/23* with stock stiff TFC shaft Ping G25 5-UW Blue Dot with the stock CFS stiff shafts Cleveland CG16 54*/58* with S400 shafts.  Kari Lajosi DD201 putter (34*, 350g)      
It's about time I updated my WITB for 2014.   Driver - Ping G25 10.5* Hybrids - TM Stage 2 16.5* tuned to 15*               TM RBZ 18.5* With ProjectX shaft  Irons - Nike Machspeed 3H-PW (minus 5 iron)  Wedges - 50*, 54*, 58* Cleveland CG16's (Swap the 50* with a 62* depending on course)  Putter - Kari Lajosi DD201 303SS             
Added two clubs to the bag.... The first one I have in hand and it is in my bag.. .the second is somewhere between Australia and Canada...    1. 50* CG16 which I paint-filled to match my other CG16's.         2. Kari Lajosi DD201 303SS - 350g 3* loft 70* lie... Cannot wait to have this in my bag.      
  Perfect! Will be testing them out tomorrow. 
I picked up a ammo box last year from RBG and got the V2 on the bottom. I ordered some from another retailer recently and got the one on the top. Can anyone tell me which one is newer?
Did some tweaking to my putter..   Got a Scotty Cameron Custom Shop Mid-Sized grip put on and upgraded the weights from 15 g (old style) to 20g (grinder engraved) weighs. My putting feels like it has definitely improved, I was used to a 360g putter before I switched to the fastback.     
better lighting... same old iPhone 5 haha 
Decided my wedges didn't really match my bag... took about 3hrs but I think it was worth it.   Before:   After:   New bag look:  
Yeah I personally don't believe you need to buy all one brand of clubs... I play what works for me, I wouldn't carry Nike Wedges if I didn't like the feel just to match. I only carry 4 different brands (Cleveland, TM, Nike and Scotty). Primary reason why I went with the knit covers was to clean up my bag from all the different headcovers.
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