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I always play better when I am do not keep track of my own score, now that is very hard to do, but it helps if I am with a good group of people and am able to joke around.
peanut butter crackers and banana and a gatorade. i love eating while golfing.
after seeing anna rawson, i choose her.
Any of yall have suggestions on how to break 80 for the first time?
Technology is always improving, if you can afford and find a new driver you like, trick it out and get a nice stiff shaft on it.
Some people feel they own the world. You think if they truly loved the game of golf, they wouldnt be polluting it.
Johnny Miller said on TGC that because of times changing, technology changing, ect, if we paired up ben hogan, fat jack, and tiger, anyone could be the others on any given day. They are fairly evenly matched.
ACC by far, always the most competitive conference.
I generally just play $1 Nassau and $1 garbage.
How much do yall drop when you make bets on the course?
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