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I don't get decent feel out of pro v1s. My driver speed is 95 and it feels like a rock. It doesn't hold thin green as well as balls with more pronounced dimples. It putts different too, it kinda glides which can be good or bad depending on how used to it you wanna get.     Better ball to try Bridgestone bxs 330. probably about $10 less.     There are numerous options to try $20 less, but you probably knew that already.
How do you know they are better just by trying them on?   One time I bought shoes that only made it 7 holes before I was forced to play in my socks due to miscomfort even though they seemed comfortable in the shop.   The best thing I ever did for my enjoyment of golf was to buy decent shoes. They have come a long way too in the past 20 years though it seems. I mainly look for lightweight and waterproof first and then my size next. If I find a pair that works, I...
Sometimes I see my golf game falling apart and I go back to basics. I slow my swing down. I am at shorter targets. I use a half backswing that I know I can get to the ball without messing up. It works and then 2 holes later it's back to full swings which produce much better results.
Sorry, I do not mean to seem short. I have eaten before going to bed before. I seem to reach deeper REM sleep having eaten at least 4 hours prior to sleeping. I don't mean just a single time of trying this. I have eaten before going to bed many times. It doesn't turn out well. I am not willing to try this anymore.   While I have never woken up to eat and then gone back to bed I suppose I could try it I guess. Seems kinda weird. I have always feared too much activity...
Thanks, I probably won't eat then go right to bed, wake up 4 hours later just to eat lunch, and then back to bed to sleep until dinnertime just so I can snack on peanuts while I work 12 hours. I seem to sleep even worse after eating and need at least 1 decent meal to keep energy up while at work.       I've been thinking about this some more. Perhaps it's not fatigue, but perhaps when the muscles stretch it becomes harder to "feel" them unless a hard swing is...
More than likely because you understand the effects of staying up all night or are you more of a nutritional expert? I eat a pretty good mix of stuff, most of it relatively healthy. I make a point to get exercise, I ride a bicycle to work, my job is pretty physical and I work 60 hours a week. I ski often in the winter months to stay active. Also hit the treadmill if the winter pounds creep up.
It sounds as if I am more tired on the course than most. It sounds as if you guys don't suffer effects from over-swinging at all. Thanks.      Do any of you happen to work swing shift? I think perhaps my work schedule is effecting my game.
Thanks for the replies.   I think there is some point of diminishing returns(fun) when challenging oneself, but also at the other end when becoming too consistent? If you become a machine you can never go back is what I fear.
thanks, would you describe your basic shots as using %70 of possible effort? Picture a difficult shot, perhaps ball is buried in thick rough and you need to go over a tree and draw around another and it is is borderline if you really smack it, but it is for the win. You draw back and take everything you got and try to whack that ball.  Is that your typical effort exerted on a shot?
I takes 3 holes for my muscles to relax so I start off with a compact swing. Very reserved.   By the 4th hole The compact swing doesn't work anymore, I now have to "go after" the ball. It seems my muscles have stretched out. This adds some significant yardage. I have never tried dialing back here. It is fun to watch the shots come around.   About 3-4 holes later I grow tired and need to find a more reserved swing to conserve energy or else I am capable of some...
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