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I'll be there, booth 593... Friday/Saturday
Well I brought the clubs back out in mid-march, so it took me about wat, 2 months? so, less impressive I guess. I literally didnt swing a club for 18 months... buddy of mine called me to hit some balls and the day I walked on the range I was striping it. I played mini tour stuff here in FL in 03/04 but never scored well... in fact the two scores in the 60's were only the second and third I've shot in the 60's ever. Just completely changed my attitude towards the...
Just to clarify... 80$ per person so asking price (150$) is half off thanks
Picked up my sticks after an 18 month lay off starting the end of March... put up a round of 69 and 67 (sandwiching a 73,74) and shot a horrible 72 yesterday... Finally scoring the way I should be, we'll see how it goes!
I have a Certificate available for a free foursome at Orange County National. Valid 7 days a week, only restriction is Saturday after 11am Rack rate is circa $80 right now. Looking for $150 for the pass or make an offer. Expires last day of August. Thanks!
I know Caroline personally... she has been giving us updates on our radio show weekly... We had a lot of fun razzing her about the super slow mo leg shot on the first episode lol
Lefty, I tried to email you back but the emial was kicked back, said your address doesnt exist ?
In that instance a rule is a rule.... remember woosnam not that many years ago with an extra club in the bag? The club AND his caddy were punished by an irate woosie. In a match that you intend to play by the rules ALL rules apply, if it was that important the guy should have been paying more attention anyway. Let alone watever other "advantages" they were trying to gain.
If you sell your wood, Ill trade you the cash you get, plus whatever it takes to get to $112 for the hybrid... fair trade?
I guess just the Golden Bear tour is defunct... not sure what I was thinking about the Hooters Tour.
New Posts  All Forums: