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Oh that's the rare find you got there. This ball has the ultimate core and provides great distance and.....ok I'll stop with the bullshit talk, lol. 
I don't get calls from them any more but I do get the occasional email. I need to get another hybrid because I just have their hybrid they sent to me free a couple of years ago but I can't tell if I'm just terrible with it or if it's just truly that bad. 
Hey I'm a verified "real person" who has tried Warrior. I still don't know off hand if their clubs are junk but since I have a Nike set I don't really care, lol. I'm probably another month away from swinging the clubs again...gotta love IA weather.
I can testify that I did get my hybrid free last year with no add'l costs. But what you end up doing is getting on their call list which is constant. I told them to stop and they did so now I get the occasional email but I have never bought anything from them. I have never hit any other hybrids to know whether or not it is junk but many others can verify that their stuff is junk.
I hate to say it guys but not everyone is going to hate their golf clubs and not everyone who defends them is a Warrior Sales Rep. I think I've proven that theory wrong...well maybe anyways, lol. A guy like myself who doesn't have a lot of experience with golf and all the different clubs might truly think Warrior has decent clubs just due to the fact that A) We just happen to try the clubs & B) we have nothing truly to compare it against. I just happen to get their...
Looks like you're talking strictly PC? Game console you can't go wrong with Tiger Woods golf and I know there are a few good ones out there for smart phone apps as well.
Touche'   Like NewToGolf said though...very likely his fee wasn't very high. Probably enough to play 1 hand of poker.
I was thinking the same thing. There should be nothing to shock you when it come to John Daly. What should be scarier is the fact that Warrior went with John Daly.
Guys you wouldn't believe the fricking luck I just had. Apparently last fall I entered a raffle type of drawing for some Nike Golf Clubs (I don't even remember doing this) and I got a call last Monday that I had won! I picked them up within 2 hours. They are 2012 Mach Speed irons and VRS Driver. I also got a Nike golf bag. The estimated value last year was $900. I looked up what I could get them for around this year and it looks like about $700 but damn am I happy! So no...
Thanks for the feedback. I think I probably need to take the advice of WUTiger and go that route. My 10 year old Wilson irons just are not cutting it anymore, lol. 
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