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Sounds like maybe Jim Furick or Steve Stricker. Throw in Maggert as well.
I recently saw a vid on youtube. The guy was saying you tee it up to learn to hit down on it hopefully you have grass to hit off of. Start high then go lower. Golf is a lot of eye hand coordination
KFC has a deal on Monday and Pioneer has one on Tuesday. These guys need to get some gloves on..lol Fuzzy lost a million a year over his statement with Kmart.
I don't tu think so.?..the game they play is on another level...we are clueless in that arena...I know guys who do this crap in chip and putting contest...gamemenship ...moving on top of backswing during a chip or walking on a guys line after they put. That there is assine. At this level tiger should wait to hit in a crowd ...there is karma coming to tiger
How much cents does that make ? About as bright as a burnt out light bulb. How are they quicken pace of play they were dead last no one to hold up..I am sure the crowd goes wild when you go fore the par 5 in 4 tiger knew exactly what he was doing ...creating a stir. He knew Sergio had yet to hit. This is different and u know it
That sure is one kool looking hunk of Crystal! No wonder he pulled out that club early
Hmm spinning and lying ...its aparent Tiger don't give a crap about anything or anyone but himself..poor tiger tried to go get his ex back...someone is too smart though.This kinda shananigins does not even belong on a match between two friends on a muni track...let alone on a pro tour championship event of such magnitude. Had the shoe been on the other foot Woods would man up and cry like a big baby...serg is right he is the good guy. Yes I wrote he could have backed...
I just watched the video again....woods does not even watch his ball flight...he turns away from it...it went out over der....watch it, he turns his back to it
u B right Further back a ok further up even betterSo the commentators on the course can't see it but the players can
New Posts  All Forums: