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Nope, not a City fan. Golf only! :-)
Going off these practice swings (which as Stretch points out, could be totally different to your normal swing of hitting a ball) then:     From face on, you're trying to retain too much flex in your right knee and you're also sliding to the right a little bit. This isn't getting your right hip out of the way so you're turning flat with your shoulders. It's also making you pick the club up with your hands from the down the line view rather than more of a one piece...
You are not alone my friend. I also just don't get on with hybrids.   I replaced my old ping eye 2 persimmon 5 wood, with a cobra baffler hybrid, a few years ago and since then have changed 4 or 5 times.   I hated each hybrid slightly less than my previous one and bit the bullet earlier this year, purchasing myself a ping i20 5 wood.   Best decision I've made for ages, absolutely love it!
Just to add to this, blades essentially have a small COG directly behind the ball. Because the COG only has to be moved slightly to have a large effect on flight path low, high, fade draw etc, this can be good for someone who can control it, but enough rope to hang yourself with if you can't. To start with, you have to hit the sweet spot which again is smaller even to make a mess of the shot by positioning the COG incorrectly. :-) For this you need to have practiced a...
  This made me laugh... and cry!     I suppose analysing a swing is a pretty negative process, as you're always looking on what to improve. Sometimes you do have to sit back and appreciate how much progress has been made too.
In answer to your question Stretch, I've been through several issues with my swing, hips too square at impact, high hands, early extension, backing out of the shot, lifting the arms in the takeaway, the list is endless.   I believe the fundamental of a hitting action whether tennis, badminton baseball or golf is to have the hips open at impact. The closer your hands are to your body at impact, the more you can be turned on the ball with the shaft returning to the...
Stretch, funnily enough this was something I was looking at yesterday :-)  maintaining that flex in the left leg and having the left shoulder work down rather than spin out flat.   My shoulders level out very quickly in the downswing which means the hands come in high into impact and on a steeper plane. This is something I'll try and work on today also so many thanks for your comments, good to know I'm on the right track.
  No. No it doesn't and you should be pleased with your initial deduction as it was absolutely spot on. i.e. the  "manc" is short for Manchester and the golfer means I play golf.   No need to apologise, remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question.
Thanks all for your suggestions. I'll look forward to trying them out at the range tomorrow! :-)
likewise I'll respond here :-)   Thanks for taking the effort to post twice, here's my response from the other thread     "I have tried a steeper shoulder turn (and something my teacher is always trying to get me to do) but more often than not, end up dumping the club head in the ground behind the ball. I have a swing from a session where I managed a steeper shoulder turn and hit it well, but still managed to attack the ball with the same steep plane."   6...
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