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I'm in . . . (insert mad scientist laugh here)!
I have traveled with my clubs a lot and tried a couple of different options. Currently I use the Caddy Daddy Co-Pilot and it works well. The bag is light with a hard top to protect the clubheads. The only gripe with TSA is they left one of the pockets unzipped once and a few balls escaped.
I dig the matte finish
Maybe I missed it but I couldn't find a thread on this topic. I am currently using GolfLogix for the iPhone 5 and love the app. But my wife wants to get me something for Father's Day so I thought about giving one of the GPS watches a try. Any thoughts out there . . . Garmin, SkyCaddie?
The smell of cut grass and being outside Spending time with friends or being alone The Challenge of a new course or a new skill learned Being able to work on my game on my own and most anywhere I can swing/putt (an actual club or mythical) Seeing your hard work pay off Bombing a drive off the tee, nailing an approach, running in a long putt A beer on the course is very refreshing   And most that know me would laugh but I actually like getting up for an...
University of Dayton Flyers!
I'm not qualified to give anyone advice. Plus if I am trying to take your money on the course why would I try to help you. Not a fan of that guy.
Today I could use a good walk spoiled or not.
I was pulling for Lefty but happy for the kid.
That does seem a bit ridiculous. "Stay out of Malibu, deadbeat!"  
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