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shot 77, finally getting in a nice roll, slope 132 also 106 degrees today    hit the ball great all day even with the backup driver. made 3 bombs today all for birdie which is always nice.
Personally I love the callaway forged,   I picked it up monday and have played 2 rounds. Im getting alot more backspin and bite then my previous wedge.    Give it a try, you would be surprised, great club!
I like the G20, but id recomend X-hot. I picked up the X-hot pro and its sweet
Shot an 86 yesterday, two triples from the middle of the fairway, worst round of the year by far
i smoke all the time on the course, helps me focus on the shot at hand 
I went to school with the guy in 2nd on that junior golf tour, Great player he would light up these public courses out here 
shot 81 at Palm Valley CC   6545 Back tees, doubled 10 and 11 somehow rode the ship 
Played Rancho La Quinta Pate course yesterday 6972 Yd.    shot an 83 with a double bogey on #18 Argh!!
Yesterday playing Terra Lago here in CA, #4 167 Yd par 3, large deep bunkers guard the front of the hole with the pin in the front stuff an 8 iron to 3 feet, missed the putt. pretty sure the whole course heard that one  
Today actually    3 times piped a beautiful drive right down the middle, every time made double with no more than a 9 iron in my hand most frustrating thing ever 
New Posts  All Forums: