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People won't read the topic and think Kenny Perry's been defamed, they will read the topic and think Kenny Perry cheated. Not everyone will read the thread to the 6th page where you admit he did not cheat. Allowing the thread topic to remain amounts to defamation. How can you break a rule that is not in effect?
If it was allowed then how is it breaking the rules? You should change the title of this thread and stop defaming this professional golfer.
EVERY round including "Practice" rounds should be posted unless you are not following the rules of golf (like playing more than one ball.). The only scores deemed unacceptable by the USGA are detailed in the USGA Handicap Manual, Section 5-1f 5-1 f. Unacceptable Scores Scores made under the following conditions are not acceptable for handicap purposes and must not be entered in the player's scoring record: (i) When fewer than seven holes are played; (ii)...
Ok, I'm going to throw in an opinion that hasn't yet been mentioned. All this obsessive aligning and marking and realigning and remarking and positioning the ball using the cheater line etc., TAKES TOO FREAKING LONG! Next time you are playing, chuck that SC marker into the nearest lake (before one of your playing partners does) and get on with it. (This has been a public service announcement)
Well, I live here so I've pretty much seen all that the area has to offer. Some good stuff no doubt, but I would like to travel to some new places that offer different golf experiences. Bandon Dunes for example!
I believe it will take the average golfer that plays once a week A FULL SEASON to truly dial-in a new set of irons.
I'm sure the other members at your private club would be impressed. You get what you pay for. The $200 for a ClicGear or SunMountain is money well spent. I do applaud your desire to become a walking golfer. I think one of the main considerations I would have when choosing a club would be presence of a walking culture.
I would buy equipment, then sell it, then spend that money on a golf vacation.
Sorry, I would spend it on a golf vacation.
Read the rule referenced in post #1.
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