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ANYONE can become a "pro." You need only to declare yourself as such and pay your entry fees and compete in tournaments for prize money. Being a pro and making a living as a pro are two different things. But I think your question relates more to can anyone with enough practice, play golf at a high level. I say no. Some people just do not have the physical athleticism required.
Sense of humor.
I don't believe that is an option lol
Snake oil.
You have 13 entries in your top 10 list.
I must assume this is a UK thing? Because the terminology is not familiar to me. In the USA, stroke event is handicapped without regard to the individual holes. Gross score - handicap = net score. For match play, the USGA system involves an "allocation of handicap strokes," where holes are "handicapped" and assigned a number from 1 to 18. These numbers indeed, are not based on the hole difficulty (as many presume), but rather by where a higher handicap player might...
Not sure what "match index" means exactly. But normally, the strokes come on the ten LOWEST handicap holes.
Are you asking which conforming wedge has the most spin?
I think it is a sad comment on the state of modern golf when walking is observed as an unusual or curious event.
I listen to music nearly every waking hour EXCEPT when playing golf.
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