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I find the show unwatchable.
I've heard of guys drinking 12 beers and a couple of shots then driving home in a car with bald tires and bad brakes. They made it home safely, it should be ok, right? Point is, because people do it doesn't make it a good idea.
Depends entirely on the architectural interest of the courses. Better greens and fairways don't make a better course.
Grips are done if you need sandpaper to rough them up.
Ping G10.
61 Any other questions?
Two comments 1 - Your speculation as to what another player might choose is just that - speculation. 2 - Most of us play golf for fun so the opinion of someone who plays golf for a living really has no meaning. I don't care what kind of course a tour player might prefer. I believe that the links style of golf has the bigger potential for fun. IMHO
Makes no sense. Go to the range ten more times and report back.
You were supposed to say: "... and don't call me Shirley."
Three putts almost 1 out of 4 times. That should be addressed.
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