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The distances you've given don't make any sense - but your data is based on only TWO visits to the range. A 30 hc will be typically show wide inconsistency from day to day, not to mention the possible differences in temperature and wind and if it's a different range then add in different balls and accuracy of the markings, etc. In other words, keep practicing and keep track over a longer period of time and it should all begin to make sense.
Surely you don't hit 180 balls as a pre-round warm-up?
I've always found that it can be hard to meet uncommunicated expectations.
I think the "hard as rocks" perception grows from the unfortunate tendency for most American courses to be soft and over-watered. In an attempt to maintain the wall-to-wall green everybody thinks a golf course should look like (some call it the Augusta Syndrome), American golf has evolved into a one dimensional game involving a strict aerial assault. Bomb and gouge. When today's golfer encounters a firm and fast golf course, it is so unfamiliar and uncomfortable that...
I don't think your swing speed is going to increase just by playing more often.
My father was an avid golfer, playing much more than twice a month. I wouldn't however consider him a "rabid golf nut." He certainly instilled in me the love for the game.
If you have access to Costco, the ones in my town have been selling a decent Callaway stand bag for $90.
I sort of assumed that the OP was talking about the effect on distance as it applied to playing courses at different elevation, i.e. sea level vs. in the mountains, Denver for example at 5000 feet. lol
Can't go wrong with the Mizuno Bettinardi C series, especially give the closeout prices that are being offered. BudgetGolf.net is selling them for $100: http://www.budgetgolf.net/xcart/home...251&brands=414 (selection is becoming limited however) Use the coupon code "1overpar" to get $10 off. The deal becomes $97 delivered to your door. Hard to pass up. I bought the C-05 earlier this summer and like it mucho.
Just to clarify, you may not place an object to use as an alignment aid; however, you may use objects that are already existing.
New Posts  All Forums: