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IMHO, the "pre-shot" routine starts when it is YOUR TURN TO HIT. Before it is your turn to hit, you should have already looked at your lie, checked the yardage, checked the wind, picked the shot, and chosen the club. All these things are done before hand and are not part of the pre-shot routine. Nothing slows a round of golf like the guy who doesn't have the club in hand when it is his turn to hit.
There is a third option that I recommend. - A 56 degree sand wedge. (skip the lob for now)
Safe to say, my outlook on golf differs from yours.
There is a very nice and reasonably priced muni in Arcadia called Santa Anita. I played it this spring and can recommend it. Great walking course.
12Don't understand the club obsession.
What is the date on the bodies issue? I went to the store and the issue on the newstand is dated Oct 5. Did I miss it?
Yes, I recently got into golf this year as well!!
Actually most of the Camerons are not. I believe the Fastback and Squareback are. Most brands offer a face balanced model. Odyssey: White Hot Rossie, #5; Black #3, Ping: Redwood Piper; (there are two other Pipers - one is balanced the other is not (weird) but I don't remember which... Most of the giant head mallets are face balanced (Odyssey 2-ball, Ping Craz-E etc...) Best deal going for a milled putter - look for closeouts on the Mizuno Bettinardi C-series...
Assuming you are coming in October, many of the courses will be early into the overseed grow-in period. A fair warning that many courses will open before the conditions are acceptable given the prices they charge. Please read my post about overseed conditions in this thread: http://thesandtrap.com/forum/showthread.php?t=29799 You can find the published overseed schedule here: http://southwest.pga.com/gui/pgasout...edschedule.pdf I would look for courses that started...
The Legacy is a well-conditioned Gary Panks layout with nice customer service amenities. It is routed through housing, but the playing corridors are wide and the houses are not intrusive. Although it is not a particularly memorable design, there is a good mix of holes and interesting greens. The Legacy's neighbor, The Raven @ S. Mountain is nothing special given the price. The must play for the Phoenix area in my opinion is the Saguaro course at We-Ko-Pa (Coore &...
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