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Third and fourth week... of October??
"Kansas World View"
Just my opinion, but someone struggling just to make contact with the ball needs to spend some time on the range developing basic skills before going out onto the course to play 18 holes and keep score no less. You should be able to make contact with the ball EVERYTIME you swing at it. It may not go far or it may not go straight, but you have to be able to hit the ball. TO the OP: You were right to try to help your group keep pace.
I agree with you, she should shut up and stay in the kitchen.
Next time, get the right components.
We-Ko-Pa Saguaro Course - Arizona (Coore & Crenshaw - 2006) (2009 GolfWeek 100 Modern #67) $45 (summer resident rate) Rustic Canyon - Moorpark CA (Hanse - 2002) (2008 Golf Mag Top 100 "You Can Play" #83) $40
Of the many voices in my head, a caddie is not one of them...
Take it to someone who knows what they are doing.
Foursomes is explained. Fourball is explained. That just leaves Sunday's format which is "singles" matches. (one on one)
Say what ??
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