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You may be thinking of Troon North, where they switched up the nines and made some other tweaks. I don't believe they have done this at Grayhawk. Story about the Troon N. changes:http://www.troonnorthgolf.com/news.p...0543b9f3&from=
" How do you organize your bag?" Holy cow! Must be winter time!! LOL Tom
In May, you will be out of the high season rates, but faced with warmer weather. Personally, I don't mind it because of the low humidity. My suggestion is to check out We-Ko-Pa. The Saguaro course is a Coore and Crenshaw design that opened about a year ago. It's on an Indian reservation and is a core layout with no housing intrusion. Amazing vistas. There is a second Scott Miller designed course called the Cholla that I haven't played but also garners high...
Haven't played it myself., but there is a lot of buzz about Rustic Canyon in Moorpark.
Ask for Sasha.
Phoenix-based golf course architect Forrest Richardson did the project which re-opened for play earlier this year. I have no personal familiarity with the course before or after, but it seems to be an improvement. Some more info here:http://www.golfgroupltd.com/olivas.html Tom
19 rounds this year so far on 11 different golf courses. Of those 11, 6 are courses I played for the first time. Looking forward to playing a lot of different courses this summer to take advantage of the low season rates (Phoenix AZ). Tom
I like to play around, but I'm a member of the men's club at Longbow Golf Club Tom
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