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Dbuck thanks for the info. As far as distance I rely heavily on my distance. I am around 220-225 with a five iron.I play a lot of irons off the tee. If I lost my ability to be consistant then my game would suffer. I have pretty much decided to go with a forged cavity. I hit the ap1 and 2 today, and was very happy with the result. Thanks for all the advice everyone.
I know I don't post a whole lot, more of a browser.  But I really need the advice of some of you more experienced single digit handicappers.  I am currently a mid 80's guy. I have a strong swing with a pretty high swing speed.  I like to move the ball back and forth as my game is progressing.  I am playing a set of Ping G15's but am looking to move to more of players club.  I was looking to trade these off for another set of clubs.  Had a guy offer me a set of mizuno...
I am new to the forums but I am a business class supervisor contracting for time warner cable
Long time browser, figured it was time to join the forum.  My name is Ricky and I live in Fuquay Varina, NC.  About 20 minutes outside of Raleigh.  Joy of living on the east coast is being able to golf pretty much year round.  Been playing for about 10 years.  Golf has been one of the sports that I did not play growing up but tried it out with some friends in my early 20's.  Since, I have been full on addicted.
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