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I am in same situation.....any thoughts?
My son really likes this iron set.....Idea a12 OS   http://shop.adamsgolf.com/c/irons_idea-a12-os   1.  Is this a good set for beginners? 2.  Is it a good idea to start out learning to hit a traditional 5i and 6i......or is the 5h and 6h ok for his future development in golf?   Any other thoughts...   Thanks!
Sounds great.  Now you have me interested.  I was looking at the Adams Tight lies plus....clearance at Dicks for $299.    Are these better recommended for a new golfer and for a returning player after 15 years away?    Compare these hybrid iron sets to the tight lies that has tradition irons with 2 hybrids?  Pros and cons of each.   Thanks much!
Now he is looking at...   Adams Tight Lies full set vs Callaway Strata full set   Adams set is about $120 more in cost.
Any good ideas?   thanks for input.
Son has started taking lessons and is taking to it well.  Looking at...   Tour Edge - Bazooka HT Max 2x6 Hybrid Irons Graph/Steel   Adams 1212 - Tight Lies #5, 6-PW/SW Hybrid Irons   Thoughts on each?   Other recommendations?   Thanks much
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