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We'll have to agree to disagree. I know what works in my game and hope you all can say the same for yours. To the op, maybe give it a shot sometime. If it doesn't help, so what? The swing is a small part of scoring well in this game. Good luck to you!
When I see golfers struggle from inside full swing range it's because they are GUESSING what size of swing will produce the correct distance.
While I agree that statistically that you will make more five footers than seven, there is no way I would agree that a partial swing is as accurate distance wise as a full swing. This is proven every day on tour that pros don't lay up to awkward yardages. If the theory that the closer you are, the closer you hit it were true, no pro would ever lay up on a par five, EVER.
It is absolutely NOTHING like that at all. Horrible comparison.
Wait. I didn't read your post correctly. If I had a choice, absolutely I would walk it back to a full swing.
Nope. I would take less club off the tee to ensure a full swing approach.
Let me ask you this. What is your full swing distance with your wedges? If you are trying to hit half and three quarter shots, this could be a big part of your problem. I would suggest laying up to full swing yardages. You will save yourself ALOT of headaches.
Leave it in. It's much more embarrassing to ask someone to pull it and then chunk or skull it across the green.
What do you mean by release?   Your wrists? The clubhead? Your bladder?   I seriously have never understood what release even means. From what I understand, if you aren't releasing the clubhead naturally through the swing, you aren't swinging fast enough.
The biggest thing I see from the face on view is how far your hands keep traveling after your shoulder turn stops. This is going to making syncing up your body and arms on the downswing very difficult. Try staying more connected on the backswing to make your impact more consistent.
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