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so it looks like I have some nerve problems in arms and I have been advised to stop hitting from mats and swap to graphite shafts in my irons, and try to integrate a sweeping action rather than taking divots. I play Wilson Ci9 with FST shafts which I really like but I can no longer feel impact due to the nerve problems. I will either pull the steel shafts and replace with graphite or buy something with a graphite shaft.   I know nothing about graphite shafts in...
this sounds very odd, but I seem to have lost the feeling in my Wilson ci9s. I hardly feel anything when I strike the ball, which is very odd. At the end of the summer I put Golf Pride multi compound grips on and I wonder if its the grips that are causing issue... does anyone have any similar experience?
thanks very much Stretch, that's an excellent article. I guess I need to try and find a little more speed if I want a little more distance.
so I was measured on a launch monitor and my average numbers are (with 10* driver, Rflex shaft)   ss 95mph launch angle 17 spin 3500 ball speed 142   which gives me an average carry of 230.   Playing with the http://www.flightscope.com/index.php/Technology-Explained/trajectoryoptimizer.html if I decrease the spin to 1800 and increase launch to 24* I get a carry of 244 - which is a big improvement   my question is, is it realistic to be able to...
great clubs that can be picked up very cheaply at the moment. the retro raw finish is great.
hi, new to the forum. Play golf for fun and write apps for windows phones. I'm currently in Germany and looking forward to the new season. Currently play Wilson ci9 and am in need of a new putter and more driver distance!
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