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Thanks guys been a good help 
I'm in the process of losing a few lbs and want to now focus my workout routine towards my game.   I currently stand at 60KG and 5"6 (About 20% body fat, aiming to get down to about 15%)   I've started to do press ups(hopefully shift my moobs), sit ups, planks, crunches, squats, leg raises and forearm stuff to hopefully help with my golf and increase my core and lower body strength/balance.    I was wondering if anyone could offer up some advice if this is a...
Have done, thanks!   Do you, or anyone else know if there's a way to check Scotty's serial numbers to see if they're a legit club?
Hi all, fairly new here from the UK and returning to golf after a few years out!!    Currently got a Scotty but wouldn't mind a custom one.   On the Custom Store there's photos of custom ones but I can't get the designs like those on the site, if this makes sense?   Ideally I want a Studio Design 1, Circa62 1, laguna or a napa.   Could anyone help me on how to custom these clubs on the site as I can't manage it?   Cheers!   Also does the price...
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