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Thanks for your response. I actually had an old hand me down set of big berthas that I played with for a summer. I never could get used to swinging those bricks. I hit my Dunlops better do I ended up getting rid of the Big Berthas.
I've been researching irons for a few weeks now and find nothing buy rave reviews on the particular club.
1st post: Hello Everyone. I have been playing for 10 years but I have really only played 3-5 times per year in that timeframe and unfortunately still struggle. I have now taken on a sales position where I'd like to make the golf course a place to build relationships. My game is strongest off the tee and my chipping and putting needs work but is improving. My iron play however is awful! I can drive a ball 270 yds leave it in the middle of the fairway with 80 yds to the pin...
New Posts  All Forums: