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Or this one, with the 45.5 inch length   http://www.2ndswing.com/p-121236-nickent-4dx-evolver-driver-10-5-graphite-senior-right.aspx?gclid=COmq1-H10bYCFcFAMgod4HwAfw
Hm... So since it has an interchangeable hosel, would I still need to get an extra tall club or would I be able to get a "standard length" and be able to adjust?   As seen here: http://www.overstock.com/Sports-Toys/Nickent-Mens-Golf-4DX-Evolver-Driver/5937242/product.html?cid=202290&kid=9553000357392&track=pspla&ef_id=UPQGgwAARNpc22RJ:20130417142758:s
What do you guys think about this driver, just to practice on/learn on? Trying to find something solid, but relatively cheap (<$75). I would be getting the extra tall length (6'5 to 6'9)... I am 7 feet once again..   http://www.amazon.com/Affinity-Orlimar-Forged-Anti-Slice-Graphite/dp/B004YTBXNG
Hey guys,   I am new to the golf world and looking into buying my first set of clubs... I am 7 feet tall and it is looking like this may be a problem in purchasing clubs.. Any thoughts? It look likes +2" is for people who are 6'4 to 6'9 ... Should I buy clubs that are +2"? I'm looking to spend $200-300 on my first set of clubs or $100 on a driver just to see how I like it.   Any comments greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan
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