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I wouldn't clasify myself as Titleist fanboy (yet!) hahaha! I've been playing Nike since I started playing golf again back in 2012 and felt that the time was right to upgrade. This time around I wanted to go for a more reputable and 'proper' golfing brand and I have always had a soft spot for Titleist so it was a no brainer.
Finally took the plunge and ordered my new set of Titleist 714 AP1 irons with TT XP105, +0.5 and can't wait to get them now!! The wait is always the worst part! Haha Going for a full Titleist bag for the new season so the next step now is getting the new 915's when they drop! Come the end of November my bag make up will and should consist of the following: Driver: Titleist 915D2, 60g Regular Diamana Blue, 10.5 deg 3 Wood: Titleist 915F, 70g Regular Diamana Blue, 15...
Hi guys, Was just curious to see if anyone plays this setup? If so, what has your experience with it been like? Flight, distance, dispersion rates etc? Also what is your swing speed and how does this setup suit you? Pros, cons etc Thanks!
Hi guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! I experienced my first ever fitting on Saturday. Went there with both the AP1’s and AP2’s in mind as I would like to get myself a Titleist iron set within the next couple of weeks. I am currently shooting in the mid 80’s (84, 85, 86 is the norm for me now) and I would now like to look at shooting in the low 80’s or even break 80 here and there so thought it would be good to finally actually get fit for my new irons to try and...
Hi guys, I just wanted your views on the AP2's and whether they would suit players who have a handicap between 15-18? I have done a bit of research and spoken to a few people and have heard the following said more than once: 1. Purchase and play an iron that LOOKS and FEELS good to you however make sure you get fitted for the club. 2. If your ball striking is good and consistent then you will have no problems hitting the AP2 regardless of your handicap but any mishits...
Hi guys, Just wondering whether anyone plays a combo set made up of AP1's and AP2's or knows of anyone who does? If so, would love to hear your views on this. For those that don't what do you think about a setup like this? e.g. 4,5,6 in AP1 and 7 to PW in AP2. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!
Hi all! I purchased a Scotty Cameron Golo 3 and my word, what a beauty! Wonder if anyone else has one and if so, what have your experiences been like with it? My question is the following, is there any way to purchase the actual wrench and weights for the underside of the putter WITHOUT having the need to send it to Titleist for them to do it for you?!? Also, do the weights for the Cameron putters fit all models? Would be grateful for your advice and views guys. Thanks
Good day all, I think I have set my sights on getting a Titleist 714 Combo set between the AP1's and AP2's in KBS tour shafts. Does anyone currently play a combo set and if so what is your set up? I am looking at the 5,6,7 from the AP1's and the 8,9,PW in the AP2's. I dont go any lower than the 5 because I game a 3 and 4 hybrid which I am extremely consistent with. Any thoughts, experiences? Thanks guys.
Hi guys,   Just really wanted to find out whether anyone is gaming this combo? I am thinking of re-shafting my Nike Covert and the Diamana Ahina seems to be a contender! My setup would be a 70g stiff flex!   Anyone got any feedback on this setup?   Would be grateful to hear your experiences if you play this combo!   Thanks guys! 
Thanks for the positive comments guys! I completely understand that its a building process which will take time, theres no doubt about that. With the right attitude, dedicaiton and focus I am completley confident in my ability to achieve my ultimate goal. My coach will certainly be helping me out along the way and any time spent with him will be soooo worth it. Can't wait to see what trackman says in a few weeks with regards to my stats! Never used it before. I will...
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