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thank-you all
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in pretty much all of my joints.  I am 42 years old and male.  I am wanting to learn how to play golf and I am looking for recommendations in which clubs I should get as a beginner and the material they should be made out of.  Also how thick the grips should be so my hands won't hurt.  I am looking at preowned so I can see if I can even complete a round with my RA.  I like watching golf and now I want to see if I can play it.  Thank-you for your...
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I'll try this, thanks.
Thanks for all of the advice.
I hope this is in the right section.  I am as the title says a beginner, I was wondering if the best club to start out with is a putter.  I keep reading all about the short game, always work on the short game.  Plus this way I can practice and buy my clubs when my budget allows.
well first goal is to actually play and enjoy it.  then get better.
So other races can have their exclusive clubs but if it is white then it isn't right?  Easy way to settle this, Get rid of ALL private groups then.  There problem settled, lol, never will happen.
I am VERY new to Golf, I am 42 years old.  I watched it when I was growing up because my mom liked watching Seve Ballesteros. I finally decided to start playing.  I know one thing I hope I can play better for real than on Tiger Woods PGA 13 video game, I did really bad, lol.  I retire next year and will be moving to Texas.
I am a US Navy Cop that will be retiring next year then going back to college.
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