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If swing speed is so important, how can Bubba Watson and Stacy Lewis both play the Pro V1x? Or Adam Scott and Cristie Kerr play the Pro V1? They have a swing speed difference of 30+mph.
The truth is all the golf balls nowadays go about the same distance. Swing speed has nothing to do with it. If you have a faster swing speed, you'll hit the ball further obviously. But with your swing speed you're going to hit the V1x and Velocity within 3-5 yards of each other. Your 90-95mph swing speed is pretty similar to the LPGA girls (not an insult! Those girls can play) and they play both V1 and V1x, but not Velocity!
He asked a question about golf balls, so I figured he was worried about the ball at this point in his game. He never said that he was "totally lost around the greens". Nor did he say he had any problem making a repeatable swing. I'm not quite sure what your comment is responding to...
What affects your score more? Ten extra yards or more control around the greens? Remember, you only hit the driver 14 times! The reason the Velocity is going further for you is because it has less spin. Have you tried a Pro V1x? Less spin off the tee, but same green side control
Your swing speed does not matter when selecting a golf ball. You have a driver swing speed of 95-98 mph, but what is your swing speed with your 5 iron? Or 8 iron? Or sand wedge? You have a different swing speed with every club in your bag, so you need your golf ball to perform at every swing speed. Yani Tseng has about the same swing speed as you, and she plays a Pro V1x (and seems to do pretty well with it).When selecting a golf ball, look at how it performs around the...
Why wouldn't you go for a top end ball?
I'd highly advise not getting used balls. These are generally taken out of lakes. A golf balls cover is porous and can become easily waterlogged.Pros play Pro V1/x because of the control they get around the greens. Every golfer needs greenside control, no matter what there handicap is. The only reason not to play these balls is if they are out of your price range.
Launch has everything to do with the ball. The Pro V1x dimple pattern causes it to launch higher initially
New Posts  All Forums: