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Okay, here's a situation for tiger. He hits in the water, and this time, he actually tries to drop as close as possible. He is hitting from a downhill lie. So let's say the slope and speed of the fairway is such that when he drops the ball, it lands and rolls closer to the hole. He drops again, and this time it lands an inch closer to the hole that his original shot. Does he drop a third time, or place the ball where it landed, an inch closer to the green than he hit his...
How do you post , and put in what another person has said?
I'm just a bit upset. I have a hard time giving a penalty for intent. Who's to say that someone dropped in a flatter area, or an area where it is less likely to roll into a divot. If they don't say they were intentionally doing so, they get away with it. Then again, why have any rule where you get 1 or 2 club lengths? Just determine closest spot and always drop there. I'll bet ever pro when dropping after going into a water hazard, has been trying yo get a good lie for...
2 questions. 1) if tiger had not said 'couple of yards back.' Would he have been given a 2 shot penalty? 2) if not, how much farther back could he have been before he would have?
Why couldn't they just have them place ball?
Sorry about last post about closer to hole. As it is now, what is clear? Close as possible... 6 inches? 1 foot? I never see pros drop into their divot, or within several inches. At what distance should I have my competitor redrop? My opinion is 1 or 2 club lengthens. Not approximately anything. Funny, no pros have come forward and discussed how they drop. We will see this rule again this weekend. Usga must change it. Can't have some golfers use 3 inches, others 6 inches,...
If we keep it the way it is. Then what if I drop the ball and it rolls 3 inches closer to the hole, than the original shot? Rule stats, close as possible, not close as possible but no closer to hole! This brings in a real and disturbing possibility. I drop ball as near as possible, and after, after I finish round, high definition camera shows I am 1/4 inch closer to hole than original shot. DQ. Really, that's where we're going unless they bring in the 2 club lengths rule.
Bkuehn1952, Well said. Rule needs changing to 2 club lengths. Will be interested in how long usga will let it slide.
New Posts  All Forums: