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 To have a better timing is easy to to with your bigger muscles, your legs, torso, you seam to use your arms more.    Turn to your right heel to bring your leftt arm close to your chest and your body releases it for better timing.
  If you don't have a stable shoulder, you could be putting much tension on your wrists, so they might not work as you need.    At address flip the club around, toe down, because its easy to track, and trace a nice circle to your right shoulder, your right arm folds nicely to your body, giving a great support, and easy tension on your wrists.      This video at 7.00 shows this.  
  I just google this:    "All shafts this year in the TP models will be the standard graphics from the shaft company, aside from Matrix HD6, Aldila Phenom 65 and 80, and Matrix RUL 70. As these four shafts are the stock shafts in the R11s TP and the RBZ Tour TP, they will be TaylorMade graphics. They are all the actual model of the shaft (not Proprietary or "Made For" shafts), as every TP shaft is and has been for the last few seasons. Stew "    From...
To my knowledge, the TP is a real one with Tayler Made graphics, hence the price for the TP club is 100 higher. 
  Yes I think the diference between  "made for" and the "Real" shafts go a long way.  
  Hi Kujan, sorry for the late reply, I´m on different time zone, Europe (Portugal).    The Shaft is a Matrix Ozik HD6 amazing results, but again, I came from a 9º Callaway edge driver with Habbanero stock shaff and this is 10.5º TP shaft and with the slight draw bias is straight and very long, I was expecting 17 more yards, but it gave me 30 insane... I dont know if its a conjunction of factors (after market premium shaft, more loft, RBZ hot face), just...
      Just brought the TP to replace my Callaway edge driver and it gives me a real straight drive (I fight a slight slice) with 30/40 more yards ...great shaft, and the sound is just bliiiiinnnnnggggg.  I love it, got it at half price. the stage 2 looks like a "tour" depper face, I dought if fits me better than this one.     Thanks for the post.
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