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Thanks SRM1, These must be awesome courses and quite pricey!
Sorry for double post. Going to MB vacation from NY second week of April with 12yo son, both shooting 90s. Usually, we play courses in MB area for under $60(kid plays free), except we can’t miss MBN Kings North, we just love it too much. Could someone please share info for unexpensive courses simular in nature to Pinehurst? Myrtle Beach area or south NC? Thank you for your suggestions!     END winter NOW!
Going to play MB second week of April with my 12yo son and thinking to take a chance to see practice round at Masters. I searched for it and it’s either “it’s easy to get ticket from scalpers” or “you may get arrested for trying to buy ticket”. Anybody with recent experience, please share safe way to get Monday or Tuesday badges under $100 and without risking to go to jail?   If GA locals interested in tennis US Open, we’re in NYC and will get you hook up to visit...
Trying to find doctor for golf elbow in Mid - Manhattan. My friend got charged $3K for tests on first visit by doctor he googled. Can you recommend doctors you used?   Thanks
Can’t find a playing partner for my son, he’s 10. He’s bored to play with me all the time.   Anyone close to Brooklyn have child 8-12 yo that interested to share play time? We usually play at Dyker or Marine park, using driving range once a week at Flatbush. Would go to close LI. Even at Golf academy at Dyker it’s tough to find young kid to play the course.    Thanks
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