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  Can I get an AMEN!
I am freaking excited. I have been trying to get my game together this year so far and today it did. Slope 118, rating 69.9 and I shot a -5  for a 67. I was super excited. I had 2 eagles and 4 birdies and 3 bogeys. Par is 72. 6800 yrds total.
Just a general poll. I want to see where most people feel the most important part of their game is. Answer and share comments.
  Sounds like a Tin Cup moment to me. haha! Love that movie
So this is just kind of guessing without seeing your swing. However I would say that if you are pulling your irons you are coming inside out, or it could be a weight transfer issue. This may be linked to several problems is my point. The most common of what I have seen is involving your hands being to quick. Your hands want to square the face and you want to try and even out the swing. This may cause you to come off plane and eventually pull it in when on your downswing....
The nice thing is you can always check out their rating on eBay. In the event of golf clubs you always have to be careful but if they have a 99.8% rating or higher I typically say you are good to go. Plus you have the example of Golfingdad indicating they are legit. I would also try and contact them through e-mail or however you can to ask them questions. If you ask them questions about the club this should eliminate a lot of concerns and also help you know if they are...
  I agree, I notice that I am a straight back and straight through type. They do create putters for different strokes. I was told that if you have a "face" balance putter it is better for a straight back and straight through stroke but you also have a heel balanced putter which helps if you are an arced type of stroke.
So I see a few things here that may be an issue. I only say I can see this because I often times have lived with the hook issues and I can see  a few things that may be causing you to do what I learned how to avoid over the last several months.   1. You are swaying. I mean when you take the club back your hips are moving back. This is causing you to get "out of plane" which is throwing you all out of whack. Work on keeping your lower half of the body quiet. Imagine...
I hope this helps. I was referring to when you rotate your hips it should be mainly on the downswing. From your video it looks like your hips are active on you backswing. I have always been told that you should try and keep your lower half of your body quiet until you start the downswing. It looks like you are rotating your hips too much on the backswing. Try and keep the lower half of your body still until you make your downswing. I hope this helps and I am no teacher...
So it is totally a mental thing I know but for some reason I really struggle with swinging when I see my shadow on the ground. I tend to try and always see that my shadow "looks right" so it cause me to mishit the ball. Has anyone else ever had this issue at all? Any tips or advice on maybe how to fix this?
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