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Just as the title states. I have used these for maybe 5 rounds and a couple range sessions. No damage. They are a bit dirty in the pics, but in perfect condition, guaranteed. Let me know if you have any questions. $140 Shipped.
I think it has been all down hill since TW 2007.
It's just a putter. Buy it if you want too.
My apologies. I didn't think the MB (non-TP's) were forged.
I don't need a 60. I had one, but prefer the 58.
Would like to see pics
From the PGA Value Guide I would shoot for 190 or so. That's the mid-price if these are RAC MB TPs.
$210 shipped
I still love my MacGregor M685's :) Forged and buttery soft.
These clubs have literally been used in 3 rounds, and 2 driving range sessions. They were used by me and have not been abused whatsoever. The faces are dirty in the pictures but they are unblemished. These clubs might as well be brand new. They are unbelievably easy to hit. Would be a great set for a high handicapper. These irons are currently selling for around 399 online at some of the discount sites. I am looking for $250 shipped OBO. Let me know if you have any...
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