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Hopefully these comments aren't far outside the scope of this thread.   I recently picked up the Stack and Tilt 2.0 DVD's and found them to be pretty helpful.  I have had the 5SK videos for a few months and found that they compliment the Stack and Tilt 2.0 videos pretty well.  In some respects I like the 5SK videos better than the Stack and Tilt 2.0, but like both.   Really like the way Chuck and Dave progress from the chipping and pitching to the pitches to the full...
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B330 RX golf balls.     Adam Scott  -11 Matt Kuchar -10 Dustin Johnson -9
I will go with Rory and think he will win the Masters next year or the year after.   He's got a ton of talent and that high ball flight, great putter,, and he is gaining experience and he knows he is quite capable of winning the Masters.   He can be streaky and that could be a problem, but I will go with Rory.  If he is on, he could run away with the Masters.  He needs to get more consistent and that might improve as he gains more experience and confidence.   I think Tiger...
I have struggled big time with the yips for several years and they have returned with a counter-balance putter now so will definitely be re-visiting Look at the Hole/Line method.   I have used it in the past and found that one can putt well  enough to have fun with putting again.   Finding a good putter for this kind of method is pretty crucial, so I am looking for a 35 inch or so putter, and faced balance with plenty of MOI.  
+1  Very well said.  
Tiger has a ways to go to before he is done, and he may win some more majors.   His winning percentage is great, but it will most likely drop.  No doubt Jack's winning percentage dropped because he played in PGA tournaments and majors until he was what, about 60 years old.  Tiger is great, but so is Jack, and it is really hard to believe the lack of respect for Jack from some Tiger fans, many of which are not tour players.   18 majors and a bunch of other PGA tournament...
This is a very interesting thread.  i  put a LOT  more weight on what Jack's and Tiger's contemporaries have to say than amatteur golfers in this debate. Would really be interesting to get a vote from all the tour players dating back to Jack's time and before.   There are a pretty good number of tour players who say Tiger is the greatest, right now, even though he is 4 short of Jack in the majors, but undoubtedly there are many who say Jack still  is.   If you strictly go...
I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver   Sergio Garcia -8 Justin Rose -6 Adam Scott -6
That 60.08 M grind might be a little finicky in the softer turf.  The 60.11 K grind might work somewhat better for you in the softer conditions.  
One of the local golf stores asked a Taylormade Rep about whether the Project A golf ball is going to be around for very long and according the Rep the Project A isn't going to be replaced any time soon, which probably means that it will be around for at least a year, or maybe 2.   Evidently no plans for a  yellow Project A yet,but the Rep wasn't asked that question.  
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