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 After 1984 Jack was already 44 years old.   That is kind of invalid point because Tiger isn't even 40 years old yet.   Of course the scoring average is going to go down when your over 40.  Might be better to see how Tiger's full career goes before trying to do a complete comparison on scoring averages and etc. 
I am checking the side saddle method out, currently using the Long Putter, un-anchored, not too bad a way to go for someone with the yips actually, at least can putt decently with it.  The Long Putter is big, clumsy, heavy and cumbersome but it can keep someone playing the game.  It appears I can putt almost as well with it anchored as un-anchored.    Will check into side saddle too.   Evidently no one on tour is too interested in  side saddle but it does look kind of...
Should be able to generate pretty fast arms speed with this swing.   Might not limit your distance much at all as one should be able to generate good speed with this swing.  Probably takes less athleticism than doing a lot of movement with the lower body.  Of course this isn't the only way to skin a cat, but definitely worth looking into, and I am.  
 Right.  I have tried this tip as well and it too relaxes the hands.   It might work better than looking at the hole but I haven't been able to get used to it, will work on it some more though.  I also read somewhere that Ben Crenshaw looked out in front of the ball a couple inches or something.  Will try it some more on shorter putts to start with.  
Over the past several years I have developed a bad case of the putting yips and have tried different grips and putters and etc, mostly with little success.   The Long putter was a pretty good alternative but I never got too good with anchoring it.  It didn't work to badly un-anchored but wasn't very consistent with it.   Out of desperation  I have been trying the Look at the Hole or Target method and it is working decently early on, especially on putts out to about 10 or...
Hopefully these comments aren't far outside the scope of this thread.   I recently picked up the Stack and Tilt 2.0 DVD's and found them to be pretty helpful.  I have had the 5SK videos for a few months and found that they compliment the Stack and Tilt 2.0 videos pretty well.  In some respects I like the 5SK videos better than the Stack and Tilt 2.0, but like both.   Really like the way Chuck and Dave progress from the chipping and pitching to the pitches to the full...
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B330 RX golf balls.     Adam Scott  -11 Matt Kuchar -10 Dustin Johnson -9
I will go with Rory and think he will win the Masters next year or the year after.   He's got a ton of talent and that high ball flight, great putter,, and he is gaining experience and he knows he is quite capable of winning the Masters.   He can be streaky and that could be a problem, but I will go with Rory.  If he is on, he could run away with the Masters.  He needs to get more consistent and that might improve as he gains more experience and confidence.   I think Tiger...
I have struggled big time with the yips for several years and they have returned with a counter-balance putter now so will definitely be re-visiting Look at the Hole/Line method.   I have used it in the past and found that one can putt well  enough to have fun with putting again.   Finding a good putter for this kind of method is pretty crucial, so I am looking for a 35 inch or so putter, and faced balance with plenty of MOI.  
+1  Very well said.  
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