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To me, that seems like very good progress. I think you're the only one who can determine what your goals should be.
 No argument here. When compared side-by-side to a proper backswing, it's really funny looking. 
Understood on the hip turn. Thanks. As far as the video, I was trying to make half swings (the five "S"s of great practice) while working a specific key. But I'm sure you're right, on a full swing I'm probably not making as much of a turn as it feels.
I will work on this exactly as suggested for a few weeks or until I can make the pivot and keep my head from moving laterally. I can get to 90 degrees with the shoulders, but the hip turn - maybe just past 45. Are you saying get as much hip rotation on the backswing as possible?
The golf mat I purchased came with a couple of these and I really like them. None of the stores in town carry them. Do you order yours online?
I took the mat outside this past weekend to see if the good contact I've been feeling hitting into the net was real. The results were less than what I'd hoped for but not terribly surprising. For the most part, better contact than last year but still no where near the consistency needed to hit greens if the season were to start today. In a way, it's better to know this now while I still have a lot winter left with which to work.   I've decided that the forward hip...
A little bit better. I stay more focused.
  "Let's move to Northern Michigan" she says. "I know you'll love it up there. The snow, the winter sports... you'll have a blast". No mention of the "polar vortex". What about the g#^ %&* polar vortex?!!
 Losing $150 would piss me off too. Don't know what "Wolf" or "Skins" are but that's what google is for. The way I look at it, even if I played even up (no handicap) with a better player and we bet a couple of bucks per hole, I would lose most of the holes but would at least have a chance to limit the damage - that would be the challenge. The worst that would happen is that I'd pay for his round while getting the chance to play golf against a decent player. Not saying I...
I'd have to learn what some of the terms mean, but I'd like to play for small wagers. Competition with something on the line often brings out the best (or sometimes the worst) in people.
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