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I don't know that many jurors would buy into the notion that he heard it from someone credible, yet forget who that person was. How many people in our lives would we consider "credible"? Would we suddenly forget who that person was if they told us something like that? I hate the law suit-crazy society we live in, but people should be held responsible when they pull crap like this.
I have the better part of a month and a half before the courses open up here. In another month the ground might be clear enough of snow for me to hit outside. Watching ball flight is critical for me for assessing and making adjustments.   While I plan on improving keys 4 and 5 during this time,  I have some work left on keys 1-3, particularly key #1 and the tendency for me to move my head back/up and often my hips back in an effort to make a full shoulder turn.   What...
I practice almost daily with a set of '83 Hogans. I play a couple rounds per season with them.   Not going to lie, they're harder for me to hit. But a bad swing is a bad swing regardless of what club is in my hands.
Just looked it up - pretty interesting. I watch Gameday at work and didn't realize this is the same technology used. Now of course, I'll have to start keeping track of umpire calls vs the technology when watching.  [[SPOILER]]   
Who you taking? I didn't realize Pacquiao had 5 losses. I haven't seen either of them fight in the last few years. They are/were both so quick. It always seemed as though no one could lay a glove on Mayweather. Should be good.
Those are some good suggestions. I'll sometimes play the World Golf Tour online game, watch the Golf Channel if there's a tournament, or practice putting  I have to really start limiting my winter practice. I have a mat and net setup in my workshop behind the garage. I heat it with a kerosene heater but to be honest, it doesn't get very warm. Anyway, I'm starting to feel the effects on my toes. No joke, I lose track of how long I'm out there and by the time I realize it,...
 You do realize we are all a bunch of nut jobs. I went to the simulator the other day with high expectations. Started hitting the "range" with each club, recording average distance, dispersement, etc. I was all over the place with only about 1 out of 5 going long and straight. Started to get a little frustrated - nothing embarrassing - just shaking my head kind of stuff. The owner came over and told me to really relax my grip on the club. Told me to hit a 100 yard shot...
I didn't see the details in the link (I apologize if its there and I missed it). How would the technology accommodate/compensate for the different heights of individual batters? While the perimeter of the plate doesn't change, the vertical dimension of the zone could not be static.
Gotta call BS on this. You are as dedicated as they come. I'm just starting to realize that while the game might come easy to a few, real improvement takes years and not months for the rest of us. When you're shooing in the mid 80's and flirting with 70's, you'll look back on this and wonder why it seemed so hard. I haven't really started with key 4 as I'm trying to get the first three a bit more refined, but yes, I can imagine it's one of the tougher ones. Keep at it Eyad.
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